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Proper and timely advising has been shown to significantly improve studentsí success and graduation rate. We summarize here our advising process and mandatory advising checkpoints.

All SFSU CS Students

All SFSU CS students are responsible for the following:

  • To follow the advising process appropriate to their standing as described under the Graduate Advising and Undergraduate Advising links below
  • To regularly visit the CS home WWW page and advising page appropropriate to their standing
  • To read all e-mail sent to them from the CS office and faculty
  • To seek advising whenever a need arises, in a timely fashion with respect to any deadlines
  • To seek advising for any mandatory adivising checkpoints

Undergraduate Advising

Graduate Advising

Advising Hours

Please check the advising hours page for current advisors and availabilities.

New and Transfer Students

New and transfer students are strongly encouraged to attend the orientation program prior to the first semester of attendance.

International Students

International students have special requirements such as minimal load and maintenance of minimum required GPA. International students are strongly advised to seek advising during the first week of classes.

Advising News and Information

New GE Biology requirement advising more...

CS Chair Advising Slides Spring 2010

Advising Hours

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