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Mike Wong's office hours

Tuesday 3-5, Wednesday 2-4 at CCLS (HH301) or by e-mail (mikewong (at)

star Giving to the Department

The CS Department and Center for Computing for Life Sciences (CCLS) gratefully acknowledge support from IBM Almaden Research, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Corporation, Emulex and Claritics.

CCLS — where Computer Science and Mathematics meet Biology and Biochemistry to solve problems in life sciences and to educate students.
The Center for Computing in Life Sciences (CCLS) is part of a University-wide strategic thrust towards interdisciplinary research and education. It addresses the emerging trend of integration of life sciences and computational and mathematical sciences. It involves faculty, researchers, and students from the SFSU departments of Biology, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. The broad research program of the center emphasizes investigations in topics varying from Bioinformatics and Computational Drug Discovery to complex data visualization and development of new paradigms for data modeling, user interfaces and web-engineering in contexts involving life sciences.

CCLS Services
  • Space for faculty and their graduate students
  • Advanced IT and SW support and staff for faculty grant proposals
  • Mini-Grants for faculty and their students
  • Access to 40 core Dell cluster high performance computer,
  • Access to Amazon Cloud Computing
  • Space for small project meetings, theses defenses and small events (needs to be scheduled in advance)

Prof. Dragutin Petkovic
Chair, Department of Computer Science
Director, SFSU Center for Computing for Life Sciences

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