Graduate Advising

Computer Science Graduate Advisors:

  • Professor Kazunori Okada
  • Professor Hui Yang
  • Professor Ilmi Yoon

New Students

All new students must schedule a meeting with a graduate advisor upon start of graduate studies either on Advising Day or shortly thereafter. Students should schedule meetings with advisors by going to the department office.

All new students must attend the first Graduate Seminar during their first term. The seminar will take place on a Wednesday at 5:30pm and the date will be posted on the web site. The Chair will discuss many important issues regarding our graduate program at the seminar.

All new students are strongly encouraged to attend the Chair's welcome meeting on Advising Day.

Students also must follow the suggested sequence of study, especially as it relates to selection of culminating experience mentor.

In summary, new students should attend the Advising Day meeting with the Chair, see a graduate advisor the same day or shortly thereafter and attend the first meeting of the Graduate Seminar. Subsequently, students should meet with an advisor at least once per term.


Continuing Students

You should schedule a meeting with a graduate advisor at least once per term. Follow this link for advising times: Department Faculty and Staff Web Page.

CS Advising Day

Once per term CS Department will have Advising Day, usually the day before classes start each term, late afternoon. Note that SFSU no longer has a campuswide general advising day.

The format of advising day is as follows: Chair welcomes students: 30 min., undergrads, 30 min. grads covering motivation, new trends in jobs and research, why study CS, about CS Department and accomplishments and projects, review schedule, new classes, new policies and Q/A. Slides will be posted on advising page.


Graduate students planning to go to Ph. D. program

Please see CS Chair for additional advising and assistance.


Probation Advising

Students who need probation advising need to see the graduate advisor first. There is no need to see CS Chair unless there is some additional issue or advising needed.

For more information please follow the link provided: University Probation and Mandatory Advising Web Page