Graduate Seminar Series

Graduate Seminar Schedule:

Students Listening to Dragutin Petkovic Speak at Graduation

Graduate Seminar Policy:

  • You are required to attend ten graduate seminars over the first two semesters of your classified graduate studies prior to filing your Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) form.

The Graduate Seminar Series:

  • Graduate Seminars are given by distinguished speakers, by invitation only. Our seminar series, initially titled PERNET, was started by Prof. Dujmovic many years ago. The Graduate Seminar series has successfully introduced our students to researchers and industry leaders from our local high tech area. You can check the list of previous speakers here:

Department Graduate Seminar Schedule

  • Unless noted, Graduate Seminars are scheduled Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m. in TH 331 in Fall and Spring semesters. Out of respect for our guest presenters, your punctuality is expected and required. The door will not be opened for late arrivals.
  • Benefits of attending the Graduate Seminar series for our graduate (and undergraduate) students are many:
    • It provides exposure to the latest state of the art research topics and to leaders in hi-tech
    • It offers motivation and ideas for theses and projects
    • It often creates ideas and contacts for employment
    • It exposes students to professional presentations
  • We strongly recommend that graduate students satisfy the Graduate Seminar requirement in the first two semesters while in classified status, since it will help them decide on a culminating experience project.
  • The Graduate Seminar requirement is fulfilled as follows:
    • Attend 10 seminars 8 of which must recieve a satisfactory mark. At the end of each seminar, fill out a brief summary worksheet which will be collected and graded by the faculty to verify attendance.
    • Your attendance will be kept on file in the Computer Science Department office.