Graduate Seminar Schedule

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Date Title Presenter
11/28/2001 Evolution (or Eulogy) of Alpha Microprocessors Allen Baum Intel
11/14/2001 Performance Tools for Web Applications Pankaj K Garg HP Labs
11/07/2001 Oracle Applications Architecture Overview Ivo Dujmovic Oracle Corporation
10/31/2001 Scalability Problems in Large-Scale Internet Networks Boris Jankovic CPlane, Inc.
10/24/2001 Calibration and Comparison of Disk Unit Models Jozo Dujmovic and Daniel Tomasevich San Francisco State University
10/17/2001 SEDA: An Architecture for Well-Conditioned Scalable Internet Services Matt Welsh University of California, Berkeley
10/10/2001 Characters Everywhere arbara Hayes-Roth Stanford University and Extempo Systems, Inc.
10/03/2001 Static and Dynamic Characterization of C Programs Hue-Man Tang Charles Schwab
09/26/2001 Network Distribution of Scanned Documents Radovan Krtolica San Francisco State University
09/19/2001 Model Based User Interfaces - Helping Scale the Internet Srdjan Kovacevic Icarian, Inc.
05/02/2001 How to Play a Guessing Game with Full and Half Liars? Bala Ravikumar San Francisco State University
04/25/2001 Java Workload Characterization Carl Herder San Francisco State University
04/18/2001 Experiments with Benchmark Program Generator Jozo Dujmovic San Francisco State University
04/04/2001 Sockets without networking (understanding how sockets work) George Neville-Neil
03/28/2001 Designing Responsive Interactive Systems Despite Performance Limitations Jeff Johnson
03/21/2001 Xtensa: A Configurable and Extensible Processor Core Ricardo E. Gonzales Tensilica, Inc.
03/14/2001 Application Performance Pitfalls and TCP's Nagle Algorithm Greg Minshall Redback Networks
03/07/2001 The Making of a Standard Benchmark for Open System Storage Bruce McNutt IBM
02/28/2001 Reliable Internet Transactions: Utilizing a Browser Extension and Server-side. Persistent Queue for Transacional Client-Server Communication Jennifer Wong San Francisco State university
02/21/2001 Serving Billions of Pages to Hundreds of Millions of People is Harder Than it Seems Udi Manber Yahoo! Inc.