Graduate Seminar Schedule

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Date Title Presenter
11/17/2004 Data Integration and Management for Bioinformatics Barbara Eckman, IBM Life Sciences
11/10/2004 XML11 - An Abstract Windowing Protocol Arno Puder
11/03/2004 Science and Art of the Computer Performance Benchmarking Michael Frumkin, NASA Ames Research Center
10/27/2004 SAP Research: Next generation enterprise software platforms Samir Raiyani, SAP Research
10/27/2004 A timbre-aware interactive computer music system William Hsu
10/13/2004 Green Goop and Polygon Soup James O'Brien, UC Berkeley
10/06/2004 Properties and Modeling of Partial Conjunction/Disjunction Jozo Dujmovic, SFSU co Author Henrik Larsen, Aalborg University
09/29/2004 A Software Verification Technique for Ubiquitous, Situation-Aware Middleware Hoh Peter In, Korea University
09/22/2004 Distributed Hash Tables: The Latest Fad in Distributed Computing Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley
09/15/2004 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
05/12/2004 The Architecture of Colossus, the first PC Benjamin Wells , University of San Francisco
05/05/2004 Reliability of LSP Criteria Dr. Jozo Dujmovic & Wen Yuan Fang Computer Science Dept. at SFSU
04/28/2004 What is Grid Computing? Dan Gunter , Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
04/21/2004 From Sensors to the Boardroom - Applications and Architectures for Deploying Auto-ID in the Enterprise Jim Wright, Sun Microsystems
04/14/2004 Interaction Design at Pixar Animation Studios Karon Weber, Pixar Inc.
04/07/2004 Migrating to Simpler Distributed Applications Joachim Kainz
03/17/2004 Determining Molecular Similarity and its Applications Rahul Singh, Georgia Institute of Technology
03/10/2004 VizStruct: Visual Exploring Microarrays Li Zhang, SUNY at Buffalo
03/03/2004 Data Mining for Brain Imaging Aleksandar Lazarevic, University of Minnesota
02/18/2004 The Current and Evolving Architecture and Operation of ESnet: A Very High Performance, Nation Wide Network William Johnston, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs