Graduate Seminar Schedule

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Date Title Presenter
11/14/2012 Overview of funded culminating experience project opportunities with Prof. D. Petkovic Dragutin Petkovic (Chair Computer Science Dept, SFSU)
11/07/2012 TouchDevelop: A touch-first IDE for the Web created with TypeScript Michal Moskal, Ph.D. (Microsoft Research)
10/24/2012 Software Forensics: Detecting Software Copyright Infringement Bob Zeidman, President (Software Analysis & Forensics Engineering Corp.)
10/17/2012 Soft Computing Evaluation Logic and its Applications Jozo Dujmović (Professor, Computer Science Dept., SFSU)
10/10/2012 Approaches to Designing Behaviour: Generative and Parametric Music Ollie Bown, (University of Sydney)
10/03/2012 Open Mission Control Jay Trimble (NASA Ames Research Center)
09/26/2012 Overview of research, projects and Culminating Experience methodologies at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic (Chair Computer Science Dept, SFSU)
09/19/2012 Emscripten: Compiling C++ to JavaScript Alon Zakai (Researcher, Mozilla)
09/12/2012 An Overview of the CS Graduate Program Dragutin Petkovic (Chair Computer Science Dept, SFSU)
04/25/2012 Software Engineering Issues for Mobile Application Development Tony Wasserman, Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley)
04/18/2012 Commons Initiative at SFSU Prof. Sameer Verma (ISYS - College of Business at SFSU)
04/11/2012 High Performance software design at DreamWorks Animation Dr. Martin Watt (DreamWorks)
04/04/2012 Overview of Mozilla's Boot 2 Gecko project Andreas Gal (Mozilla)
03/28/2012 Fusing and Analyzing Physical and Social Sensors on Smartphones using Web SocialSense Thomas Phan, Ph.D. (Samsung Research & Development)
03/14/2012 Mobile YouTube API Apps for Content Creators, Curators, Gamers and Consumers Jarek Wilkiewicz (YouTube Developer Advocate)
03/07/2012 #4 Research Topics in CS at SFSU (continued) Prof. Barry Levine and Dr. Hong Ge (Computer Science - SFSU)
02/29/2012 #3 Research Topics in CS at SFSU (continued) Profs. Ilmi Yoon and Kazunori Okada (Computer Science - SFSU)
02/22/2012 Soft Computing and Software Metrics Research at SFSU Professor Jozo Dujmovic (SFSU)
02/22/2012 A brief introduction to several research projects in data mining and text analytics Asst. Professor Hui Yang (SFSU)
02/15/2012 #1 Overview of CS Graduate Program Professor Dragutin Petkovic (CS Dept. Chair - SFSU)
02/06/2012 Emerging trends on Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and Predictive Analytics Alakh Verma, Director Product Development (Oracle Corp.)