Graduate Seminar Schedule

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Date Title Presenter
11/18/2015 Seeking Simplicity in Search User Interfaces Marti Hearst (UC Berkeley)
11/13/2015 Sketching Big Network Data Dr. Shigang Chen
11/04/2015 Commercial Applications of Machine Learning Krishnan Raman (Marin Software)
10/28/2015 Mini Talks Profs. Puder, Yoon, Singh, Hsu, and Dujmovic (Computer Science Professors at SFSU)
10/21/2015 Accelerating Data Discovery for Better Health Laura Haas (IBM)
10/07/2015 ZINC 15 - Ligand Discovery for Everyone John J. Irwin (UCSF)
09/23/2015 Network Architectural Design for Cognitive Radio Networks Hao Yue (Associate Professor San Francisco State University)
09/16/2015 Overview of CS MS program with the focus on Research Methods and Writing Guidance for Culminating Experience Projects Professor Dragutin Petkovic ( Associate Chair (Computer Science - SFSU))
04/22/2015 The early development of computer disk storage, caching and RAID technology Steve Goldman, founder (Distributed Processing Technology)
04/08/2015 How to Successfully Complete Culminating Experience Projects: Research Methods and Writing Guidance Professor Dragutin Petkovic, Chair (Computer Science - SFSU)
04/01/2015 Breaking the Law (Moore's) Stan Mazor (co-Inventor of the microprocessor chip)
03/11/2015 An Overview of the CS Graduate Program Professor Dragutin Petkovic, Chair (Computer Science - SFSU)
03/09/2015 Privacy and Inferences: Measurement, Detection and Protection Jessica Staddon, Ph.D., Research Scientist (Google)
03/04/2015 Resilient Wireless Sensor Networking in Challenging Environments Mo Sha, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
02/24/2015 Understanding Information: From Bits to Brains Avani Wildani, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (Salk Institute)
02/18/2015 Time-efficient Information Collection in RFID Networks Hao Yue, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Florida)
02/11/2015 Big Data Modeling and Analytics for Large-scale Data and Applications M. Omair Shafiq, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Calgary)
02/10/2015 Data-centric Program Analysis for Distributed Systems Peter Alvaro, Ph.D. Candidate (UC Berkeley)