Graduate Seminar Schedule

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Date Title Presenter
12/05/2018 OPSWAT Research on File Content Security Field Yiyi Miao, Vice President of Products, OPSWAT
11/28/2018 An Overview of Aerospace Simulation and Development Laboratories (SimLabs) Facilities and Capabilities at NASA Ames Research Center Srba Jovic
11/09/2018 Genetic Privacy and Database Re-identification Risks Professor Russ Altman
10/24/2018 A Few Unusual Autoencoders Colin Raffel (Google)
10/17/2018 Uncover the Ghosts: Deep Learning based Spammer Detection on Social Networks Professor Hao Yue
10/10/2018 MyShake - Crowdsourcing global smartphone seismic network Qingkai Kong
10/03/2018 Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Recognition Alex Kalinin
09/19/2018 Mobile Apps security: Overlay attacks in Android Dr. Abeer AlJarrah
09/12/2018 Developing Equitable and Sustainable mHealth Systems for Developing Countries Dr. Charmayne Hughes
09/05/2018 Overview of MS in Computer Science Program and Culminating Experience Procedures Dr. Arno Puder
05/14/2018 Beef Up the Edge: How to Build a More Powerful IoT System Dr. Yuguang “Michael” Fang
05/02/2018 What Does Teaching Sound Like? Introducing DART – Decibel Analysis for Research in Teaching – A New Tool for Systematically Analyzing Teaching Practices across Instructors and Institutions Dr. Kimberly Tanner (Biology) and Research Associate Mike Wong (CCLS)
04/25/2018 Prediction in Biomolecular Systems as Classification or Linear Regression Problem Dr. Ernst-Walter Knapp
03/13/2018 From Single-Robot Learning and Planning to Multi-Robot Decision Making Pooyan Fazli
03/12/2018 Visualization and Uncertainty Quantification for Vector Fields, Biomedical Engineering, and Chemical Education Brad Hollister
03/08/2018 Mobile Apps security- Overlay attacks in Android Abeer AlJarrah
03/07/2018 Improving Protein Template-based Modeling Maha Abdelrasoul
03/01/2018 Recommender Systems for Business, Healthcare and Information Security Katarzyna Tarnowska
02/27/2018 Reduction of Readmissions to Hospitals Based on Actionable Knowledge Discovery and Personalization Mamoun Al-Mardini
02/26/2018 Web-based IoT & Multi-Device Experiences from a Consumer Electronics Point of View Dr. Hyo Jung Song
02/20/2018 Towards the Secure and Privacy-Preserving Design in IoT: A Case Study on Connected Smart Homes Jianqing Liu
02/07/2018 Overview of MS in Computer Science Program and Culminating Experience Procedures Dr. Bill Hsu
01/29/2018 GE Digital IoT and CSU Challenge GE Engineers