Human Subjects Protocol Process

To submit your Human Subjects Protocol to ORSP, you must do the following:

  1. Go to: (University Research Protocol Web Page) and follow the links to the NIH short course on human subjects at the bottom of the page. You must take and pass the course before being eligible to submit or administer a protocol.
  2. Create a research proposal. Follow the expedited Department Protocol Form Template Word Document, a 1 - 2 page template.
  3. Create a questionnaire, survey, or some other mechanism to measure results. Be sure to describe how you are capturing results in your proposal. If a questionnaire, attach it. If you are instead taking measurements, be clear in your protocol about what those measurements are and how they will be used. For a sample questionnaire click: Sample Quesitonnaire. For guidance on design of usability experiments see our powerpoint slides by folloring this link: (Usability Testing Informational Powerpoint). Have your advisor aprove this plan.
  4. Decide how you will recruit participants. If you will use a flyer, include a copy of the flyer. If you will recruit in class, include an email or letter from the professor(s) stating that you have permission to recruit in the class. A sample email might say:

    Dear student,

    You have permission to come to my class and ask for volunteers to participate in your user trial validating software "x" that you produced during your degree work. I have set aside five minutes for you on <date> to ask for volunteers and provide a brief description of the trial.

    A Professor .

  5. You are, of course, going to get the subjects to perform certain tasks. Prepare background and task list for participants. All participants must sign a concent form which can be found by following this link provide: Consent Form Template Word Document. Include a set of representative tasks that the subjects might be asked to do.
  6. Finally, when you have all this together, download the protocol approval form using the link: (Protocol Approval Form Template Word Document) and fill in the details. Obtain the signatures.
  7. Put all the documents together and give to CS Office. CS Office will mark the hole package "Expedited CS Procedure" and send to Grad Division.

Examples of Approved Protocols

An example of a recently approved human subject protocol for a current student.

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