IT Resources Acceptable Use Policy

CS Department Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy is based on SFSU policy on Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy which is here: (University Reporting an IT Security Incident Policy Web Page). Each member of CS Department and all students are required to abide by this policy.


Departmental Server Management Policy

Department servers are defined as machines having applications and/or data of importance for the department, class work, CS office etc., basically all machines excluding PCs/laptops for individual student or faculty use. It is critical that we have good inventory of these departmental servers and be able to access them in case of emergency etc. In order to have more reliable management of CS department servers and to make sure that we avoid the case of "orphaned servers", we will institute the following policies.

Passwords for each of those servers will be given to the department chair in a sealed envelope, by the faculty owner. If Passwords change, new ones should be provided in the same way. Passwords will be kept in a secure place by CS Department Chair and CS Office Manager.


Password Selection and Change Polices

You are reminded to follow all standard policies of proper password selection and regular update procedures, especially for the department servers.