Department of Computer Science
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Mission Statement and Objectives

The mission of the Computer Science Department is:

  • To prepare students for careers as software professionals
  • To prepare students for graduate studies in Computer Science

Objectives of the BS Program in Computer Science

Objective 1

Students will be able to design, develop, document, and test software using current techniques. This translates to the following outcomes; students will be able to

  • 1.1 Write programs utilizing modern software tools
  • 1.2 Apply object oriented programming principles effectively when developing small to medium sized projects
  • 1.3 Write effective procedural code to solve small to medium sized problems
  • 1.4 Write software that manages system resources

Objective 2

Students will understand the fundamentals of computer architecture and computing theory. This translates to the following outcomes; students will be able to

  • 2.1 Translate simple C/C++ code to assembly language
  • 2.2 Understand/extend simple CPU implementation
  • 2.3 Write SW that manages system resources
  • 2.4 Apply a variety of fundamental algorithm design techniques to computational problems
  • 2.5 Assess relative time and space complexities of algorithmic solutions and find the sources of possible improvement

Objective 3

Students will be able to solve problems working in group settings. This translates to the following outcomes; students will demonstrate:

  • 3.1 Knowledge of basic SW engineering methods and practices, and their appropriate application
  • 3.2 Knowledge and application of collaborative tools for SW development
  • 3.3 Successful implementation of teamwork behavior and policies in a large class project

Objective 4

Students will demonstrate the ability to give presentations and write technical reports. This translates to the following outcomes; students will

  • 4.1 Demonstrate adequate oral presentation delivery
  • 4.2 Provide adequate oral presentation content
  • 4.3 Observe presentation time limitations
  • 4.4 Provide adequate written technical content
  • 4.5 Demonstrate adequate written organization
  • 4.6 Observe good practice with regard to spelling and grammar

Objective 5

Students will demonstrate understanding of the importance of social and ethical issues related to the profession. This translates to the following outcomes; students will

  • 5.1 Understand privacy issues for personal data
  • 5.2 Understand and appropriately apply copyright, licensing and digital rights management polices
  • 5.3 Understand and adhere to SFSU cheating and plagiarism policies

Additional objectives for the MS Program in Computer Science

  1. Students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge in one of the offered concentration areas
  2. Students will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in computer science, as exemplified in the areas of systems, theory and software development
  3. Students will demonstrate ability to conduct a research or applied Computer Science project, requiring writing and presentation skills which exemplify scholarly style in computer science
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