William Hsu

Dr. Hsu
Transfer & Probation Advisor
Computer music, High-performance computing, Interactive audiovisual systems

Contact Information

(415) 338-2335

Office Information: 

Thornton Hall
Room Number: 
Office Hours: 
Monday: 14:00-16:15
Thursday: 15:00-15:45
Advising Hours: 
Thursday: 14:00-15:00

Recent Projects


  1. William Hsu, "Designing Interactive Audiovisual Systems for Improvising Ensembles," Proceedings of International Conference on Live Interfaces, June 2016, Brighton, UK.
  2. Paula Levine, William Hsu and Lee Periolat, “City to City: Revealing Place to Place,” Proceedings of International Symposium on Electronic Art, August 2015, Vancouver Canada
  3. William Hsu and Marc Sosnick-Perez*, "Finite Difference-based Sound Synthesis using GPUs," Communications of the ACM, Vol. 56 No. 6, June 2013
  4. William Hsu, "Strategies for Managing Timbre and Interaction in Automatic Improvisation Systems," Leonardo Music Journal, 2010


  1. TechSF Workforce Development Grant (2012-2015), $299,980 (funded by Dept of Labor; co-PI Hamid Mahmoodi)
  2. Microsoft gift $24,000 for Workshop on Civic Technologies and Smart Cities, June 2015 (co-PIs: Hamid Mahmoodi and Sameer Verma) 
  3. GE Predix Challenge grant $10,000, Fall 2015


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