Technical Reports

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TR Number Publication Date Author(s) Title
TR-00.20 12/09/2000 Tzu-Yen Yeh Design and Implementation of CBC Search Engine Using Wrapper Technology
TR-00.19 12/08/2000 Joseph Navidi CBC Bid Download Project: BASIC Implementation Using Relational
TR-00.18 12/08/2000 Yue Gou XML-QL Query Interpreter for the CBC Bid Download System
TR-00.17 12/08/2000 Fuhua Liao Cyber Business Center Bid Download System - "BASIC" Marching Strategy
TR-00.15 12/07/2000 Jennifer Wong Reliable Internet Transactions: Utilizing a Browser Extension and Server-side Persistent Queue for Transactional Client-Server Communication
TR-00.16 12/07/2000 Kalpana Doddamreddy A Java tool to map ER schema with constraints into relation schema
TR-00.14 12/01/2000 Da Ming Chen Linux Based Environment for Experimental Evaluation of Standard TCP Algorithms
TR-00.13 11/29/2000 Xian Xu Dynamic E-Commerce Building System Implementation using Perl
TR-00.12 11/20/2000 Hongjie Cui On-line chopping cart, backoffice and payment system for E-Business
TR-00.11 07/15/2000 Xiumin Wang A Visualization Tool in an Internet-based Design Environment - Design and Implementation
TR-00.10 06/16/2000 Wen-Sheng Wang, Jozo J. Dujmovic, Walter Mathews A Tool for Performance Measurement of NT Networks
TR-00.09 06/16/2000 Jozo Dujmovic and Howard Lew A Method for Generation Benchmark Programs
TR-00.08 06/12/2000 Howard Lew and Jozo Dujmovic Performance Evaluation and Comparison of C++ Compilers
TR-00.07 05/18/2000 Howard Lew A Comparison And Analysis Of C++ Compiler Performance
TR-00.03 05/11/2000 Xiu Deng OO Design/Java Implementation of Networking Lab Software -- Error Recovery Using Windowing Protocols
TR-00.04 05/11/2000 Stephaine Sandberg A Java Based Artificial Intelligence Toolkit
TR-00.05 05/11/2000 Chunying Yang A Comparison of Fast Access Methods in an Internet Based Prototype
TR-00.06 05/11/2000 Daxin Zuo A high performance Internet product prototype: design and implementation
TR-00.02 01/15/2000 Carl Herder and Jozo Dujmovic Measurement and Modeling of Disk Subsystem Performance
TR-00.01 01/03/2000 Thomas Fisher ModelVista - A Meta-Modeling Application with Editor