Technical Reports

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TR Number Publication Date Author(s) Title
TR-01.16 11/14/2001 Ana Dotcheva Workflow System For Eligibility Analysis: Organization Model
TR-01.15 11/05/2001 Anjana Sudhakar Performance Enhancements to Java HTTP Server
TR-01.14 09/14/2001 Gerald S. Eisman, Barry Levine, Marguerite Murphy & Rich McCline Discipline-Based Service-learning in Computer Science - the Urban Technology Project
TR-01.13 07/14/2001 Jennifer Wong & Marguerite Murphy Lightweight Reliable Internet Transactions
TR-01.12 05/15/2001 Chih Cheng Chen Cultural-Data Extractor On Various Platforms For the Internationalization Development Toolkit
TR-01.11 05/15/2001 Hue-Man Tang Static and Dynamic Characterization of C Programs
TR-01.09 05/11/2001 Walter Mathews Performance Measurement and Analysis of a Windows NT Local Area Network
TR-01.10 05/10/2001 Carl Herder Bytecode Characterization of Java Workloads
TR-01.08 05/09/2001 Mason Holding JAMM: A Multi-agent System for Monitoring and Management of Distributed Applications
TR-01.07 05/09/2001 Jim Hale VoiceView: Voice analysis software with visual display to help singing Students develop consistent tone quality
TR-01.05 05/03/2001 Jun Li GEMS: The Generic Event Management System A Java Based Implementation for the CBC Network
TR-01.06 05/02/2001 Mark Gordon Audio Recording Evnironment
TR-01.04 03/22/2001 Jozo J. Dujmovic and Carl Herder White-Box characterization of Java workloads
TR-01.03 03/21/2001 Carl Allen Lionberger A Generalized Interface to Real-Time Environments Based on the BaBar Component Proxy
TR-01.02 01/25/2001 Zhiping Liu XQL Matching in the CBC Bid Download System
TR-01.01 01/25/2001 Jin Ye He Using Araneus Wrapper Technology to Implement the CBC Bid Download Project