Technical Reports

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TR Number Publication Date Author(s) Title
TR-02.26 12/18/2002 Keyur Ajmera Performance of a Java HTTP Server on Three Linux Platforms
TR-02.25 12/12/2002 Gordon Mendonsa An Extended Search Engine for the CBC Bid Download System
TR-02.24 12/11/2002 Aalap Parikh Interoperability and Maturity Assessment of XML Web Services Platforms
TR-02.23 12/11/2002 Ye Tang Workflow System for Eligibility Analysis: Case Record Subsystem
TR-02.22 12/11/2002 Mangesh Laad A Workflow System for Tracking Online Bids for the San Francisco Housing Authority
TR-02.21 12/10/2002 Praveenkumar Shetty A Java tool to Map ER Schemas with Subclasses and Categories into Relational Model
TR-02.20 12/05/2002 Suneetha Velicheti Implementation and Analysis of Proxy Cache Replacement Algorithms
TR-02.19 12/04/2002 Xiaolin Qian Linux Based Embedded Data Storage System Evaluations
TR-02.18 11/27/2002 Siyuan Lu JDBC Backend to the ER Design Tool
TR-02.17 11/13/2002 Kai-Li Lin Experimental Data Management
TR-02.14 11/06/2002 Anna Sklovsky Job Submission and Scheduling Module
TR-02.16 10/30/2002 Svetlana Van Tassel Performance Measurement of IPC techniques in UNIX systems
TR-02.15 10/23/2002 Zhaodong Wang Workflow System for Eligibility Analysis: Workflow Design System
TR-02.13 10/16/2002 Roy Mash Experiments with Sliding Block Puzzles
TR-02.12 07/01/2002 Edward Lank, Richard Augustine, Shi Chen, Heather Kane, Sandy Ngo and Joy Tutt Controlling Your Environment Through Sketching
TR-02.11 05/21/2002 Youngsang Jin Workflow System for Eligibility Analysis: Exception Subsystem
TR-02.10 05/21/2002 Sakina Arsiwala Workflow Design Subsystem for a Workflow Management Tool for Bid Procurement at the San Francisco Housing Authority
TR-02.05 05/15/2002 Joseph Weiss Session management, module interaction, and data management for Web-based Course Portal System
TR-02.08 05/14/2002 Metin Kadaster A Java-Based System Evaluation Tool
TR-02.06 05/09/2002 Egil Rian Communication, user interaction and data storage in a Web-based Course Portal System
TR-02.09 05/01/2002 Abdullah Yahya A Java Tool to Map ER Schemas with constraints into ODMG objects
TR-02.07 04/30/2002 Qun Zhang MPEG Video Bandwidth Characteristics
TR-02.04 04/30/2002 Tom Hsu Virtual Tour Project
TR-02.03 04/24/2002 Min Zhai Static In-memory Cache
TR-02.02 04/19/2002 John Petterson Access method Visualization
TR-02.01 04/10/2002 Ben Chan A study of MPLS Label Switched Router