Technical Reports

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TR Number Publication Date Author(s) Title
TR-03.27 12/17/2003 Padmanaban Venkatesan Performance Measurements of SQL Query Application Using CORBA, HTTP, and JAVA
TR-03.29 12/15/2003 Son H. Phan Focus + Context Sketching on a PDA
TR-03.28 12/10/2003 Li-Jung Huang Graphic Queries for ER Schemas
TR-03.24 12/10/2003 Ling-Chen Hung Parallel Port control Implementation for Linux Environment
TR-03.25 12/09/2003 Weilin Fu A Pen Input ER Tool
TR-03.20 12/03/2003 Marvin Sanchez-Li Extensions to IBO project: Client Preferences and Prime/Sub-prime Contractors Matching
TR-03.21 12/03/2003 Weili Liu An E-learning System for Studying the Quality of Randomness
TR-03.23 12/03/2003 Abdelilah Essiari Anchor A Secure Mobile Agent Platform
TR-03.22 11/26/2003 John N. Petterson, MS; Marguerite C. Murphy, PhD Effective Visualization of Database Storage Structure Algorithms
TR-03.19 11/01/2003 E. Lank, D. Petkovic, F. A. Ramirez-Weber, J. Hafernik, J. Hsieh, J. Maag, S. Pathuri, C. Pekiner, S. Raghavendra BioMedia: Multimedia Information Systems for Biology Research, Education and Collaboration
TR-03.18 10/31/2003 Linsong Li An Automatic Grading System For Computer Programming Classes
TR-03.17 10/29/2003 ZhenJian Lu RMI-Based and JavaMail-Based Implementation of Parallel Query Execution
TR-03.16 09/10/2003 Fan Fu Distributed Control Of Microsoft Office Applications In JINI Environment
TR-03.15 07/28/2003 Lananh Dang Data Transfer between XML-Based Data and Other Databases Using XSLT
TR-03.14 05/22/2003 Ming Zhang DBMap: a Treemap-Based Database Exploration and Visualization Framework for Neurological Data Warehouse
TR-03.11 05/21/2003 Eli Levine Webs on the Web: Storage and Visualization of Ecological Networks using FoodWebML
TR-03.12 05/15/2003 Chao Y. Liang ER Tools Extension: Data Transfer Between XML and ODMG Database
TR-03.13 05/14/2003 Hai-Jung Chen Interactive Virtual Tour in the World Wide Web Using Image-Based Rendering
TR-03.06 05/12/2003 Xu Huang IBO Extension Using XPATH/XQUERY
TR-03.09 05/09/2003 Pinghua Xiong VTP Performance Evaluation and Enhancement
TR-03.10 05/08/2003 Adi Widhanto Data Transfer For Entity Relationship Design Tool Using Soap Framework
TR-03.05 05/08/2003 Wei Le Design Implementation and Illustration of a Linux Device Driver
TR-03.08 05/07/2003 Quang X. Dinh Group Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Engine For Inter-Group Communication
TR-03.04 05/07/2003 Haiyan Luo A Formal Methodology on Computer System Functional Testing Process
TR-03.03 05/02/2003 Chao-Hsueh Cheng A Java Program to Transfer Data Between Spreadsheet and XML
TR-03.07 04/23/2003 Shou-Hao Kuo Data Translation Between XML Format and Relational Format
TR-03.02 04/18/2003 Cheng-Da Liu Representing ER schemas in 3D mode for the ER design tool
TR-03.01 04/09/2003 Chin-Huey Chang ER Schema-XML DTD translation