Technical Reports

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TR Number Publication Date Author(s) Title
TR-04.40 12/15/2004 Tsu-Yao Jen Using XSLT to Translate NIH XML Data Files into ER Tools XML Data Files
TR-04.39 12/14/2004 Keith Deming Inferring User Intent in Pen Input Systems
TR-04.38 12/13/2004 Peter Warren The Impact of Clan Communication on Particle Swarm Optimization
TR-04.37 11/03/2004 Ying-Ku Su UbiNote: Note Sharing by Study Group in Ubiquitous Classroom
TR-04.36 10/13/2004 Meng-Kang Kao A Tool for Optimizing Computer Configurations
TR-04.35 10/12/2004 Imad Sakr Applying .NET Technologies to IBO Project
TR-04.34 09/24/2004 Mayuresh P. Dalal VTK-Based IBR Component Using Layered Depth Image Approach
TR-04.33 09/08/2004 Jessica Rogers Web Services/CORBA Bridging Project
TR-04.32 08/31/2004 Shahid Khatri Creating Context Aware Distributed Applications for a Dynamic Collaborative Environment
TR-04.31 08/31/2004 Vijay Mariadassou A Plug-in for Machine-level Profiling of Java Applications
TR-04.29 08/12/2004 Jian-Sheng Hsieh The Management System of Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Web Site
TR-04.29 08/12/2004 Yongmei Wang Visualization of Tiger Geographic Information
TR-04.28 07/19/2004 Jia-Jiuan Wu Three Dimensional Schema and Structure Viewing in the ER Design Tools
TR-04.27 06/30/2004 Amit Mittal A Distributed Open Source Backbone for an Event Tracking System
TR-04.25 05/27/2004 Arash Farahmand Windowing Protocol Visualization
TR-04.24 05/26/2004 Hiu Chan Effects of JIT Compilation on Superscalar Performance
TR-04.20 05/19/2004 Hsiao-Fei Ker An E-Learning Environment for Data Structure
TR-04.19 05/19/2004 Amy Ichnowski The Lecturer's Assistant: Information Sharing and Personalization in a Smart Classroom
TR-04.18 05/19/2004 Subhasish Chakraborty BioSeqParser: A Standard Parser for Biological Sequence Analysis Tools
TR-04.17 05/19/2004 Jen Chieh Chang SQL-3 Object-Relational Design in the ER Design Tool
TR-04.23 05/19/2004 Duan-Yao Liang UbiTest - Testing Taking Application for the Ubiquitous Teaching
TR-04.21 05/18/2004 Zhihong He Supervised classification of DNA sequence data from estuarine fish populations
TR-04.22 05/17/2004 Kenichi Takagi Transparently Porting Swing Applications to Web Applications
TR-04.26 05/17/2004 Trond Borg Critical analysis of Web Services
TR-04.13 05/13/2004 Vibha Virmani A Web Services Implementation of Continuous Relational Queries on Real-time Monitoring Data
TR-04.16 05/07/2004 Simerjit Singh XML Data and Relational Database Systems
TR-04.14 05/06/2004 Ting Yi Ke Supporting Integrity in the CSc 675 ER Design Tool
TR-04.15 05/06/2004 You Weng Chen Fully Supporting Spreadsheet Views for Biologic Data in the ER Design Tools
TR-04.12 05/05/2004 Ming-Yen Wu Supporting UML in The ER Design Tool
TR-04.11 05/05/2004 Saipetch Kongkatong An Experimental Verification of TCP Variant Performance
TR-04.08 05/05/2004 Hsu-Wei Cheng A Java Tool to Map EER Schema into ODMG Objects with Inheritance
TR-04.10 04/30/2004 Stelios Christofides Evaluation and Performance Comparison of the Java (J2SE) and C#.NET Environments for Client/Desktop Applications
TR-04.09 04/29/2004 Tharatorn Bidaya Tuning and Performance of Linux Based TCP Splicing
TR-04.07 04/23/2004 Sweatha Kasiviswanathan Automating the Process of Generating Managed C++ Wrappers for AutoCAD Public APIs
TR-04.06 04/19/2004 Wen Yuan Fang Analysis of Reliability of LSP Models
TR-04.05 04/16/2004 Sakir Murat Cengiz A Comparison of Object Oriented and Procedural Workloads
TR-04.03 04/14/2004 Yi Li Recognizing Structure in Generic Digital Ink Sketches
TR-04.04 03/30/2004 Zoran Avramov LAN Performance Analysis Using DCSP Benchmarks
TR-04.02 01/06/2004 Edward Lank, Amy Ichnowski, Shahid Khatri Dynamic Participation in Interactive Environments
TR-04.01 01/06/2004 Edward Lank and Son Phan Fish-i-Pad: Focus+Context Sketching on a PDA