Technical Reports

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TR Number Publication Date Author(s) Title
TR-05.32 12/27/2005 Azin Moali Focus+Context Sketching on Pocket PC
TR-05.33 12/07/2005 Michael A. Wong A Web-Based Application for Scheduling Parallel Quantum Mechanical Computations for Molecular Modelling
TR-05.31 12/02/2005 Sandeep Pathuri Use of Multimedia in Annotating World Wide Web Content
TR-05.28 09/28/2005 Dina Volodarskaya A Blackboard to Moodle Content Transfer Tool
TR-05.30 09/02/2005 Chien-chih Chen Image Annotation on Hedgehog Gene Pathway Website
TR-05.29 08/30/2005 Heng-Jia Chang Integrating Biologic Data Sources: Providing Data Transfer for Biological Data Transfer Using SOAP
TR-05.27 07/11/2005 Sasha Jaksic Gene Selection for Supervised Learning of Micro Array Profiles
TR-05.25 07/06/2005 Neha Chahal Characterization of Benchmarks on Pentium 4 Net burst Architecture
TR-05.26 07/06/2005 Avinash Chandra Arora A Web Based Testing Application for a Distributed VoIP Soft Switch
TR-05.24 05/20/2005 Kenneth Withee Data Management System for Field Biologists
TR-05.21 05/19/2005 John Roberts Browsing in Large Time-Dependent Datasets
TR-05.23 05/18/2005 Gauri Deshmukh Interactive Online Classroom
TR-05.22 05/18/2005 Chatchawan Chansmorn 3D Modeling Techniques Based on 2D Image Manipulation
TR-05.20 05/18/2005 Martin Eggenberger Program for Supervised Classification of Haplotypes Using Support Vector Machine Algorithms
TR-05.19 05/18/2005 Hikmet Salih Ozkan An Open-Source, Web Based Document Management System
TR-05.18 05/18/2005 Alan Shimoide Image Analysis to Track the Movement of Spiracles in the Tobacco Hornworm
TR-05.17 05/18/2005 Matthias Schwartz A WebDAV-Based File Management Tool Integrating with an Online Course System
TR-05.16 05/18/2005 Jaime G. Ruiz 3D Species Modeling Tools for Ecologists
TR-05.14 05/18/2005 Hemamalini Sankar An Online System for the Study of Queuing Networks (QNS)
TR-05.13 05/18/2005 Mahesh Dadaram Patsute A Customizer System for LSP Criteria
TR-05.15 05/17/2005 Haijie Xiao A Flexible Semantic Service Discovery Framework
TR-05.10 05/06/2005 Chris Lacy XMLVM for C++ with CORBA
TR-05.11 05/06/2005 Siddharth Desai Making X Window Clients Accessible Over the Internet
TR-05.12 05/04/2005 Devang Kamdar Automating the Integration of NIH-NCBI Genomic Databases into Equivalent ER Schema
TR-05.09 05/04/2005 Shi Chen A UML pen input ER tool
TR-05.05 04/28/2005 Sorna Vincent Heterogeneous Data Transfer for Using Web Services
TR-05.06 04/28/2005 Sushma Prasad A Web Service Implementation of the ER Design Tool
TR-05.08 04/28/2005 Parmod Mehta Comparison of different middleware technologies
TR-05.07 04/27/2005 Hajime Nagashima The Edge Disjoint Multiple Paths Problem When Constructed Over Uniformly Directed Mesh
TR-05.04 04/11/2005 Sushma Raghavendra Annotations for Web Content: Hedgehog Web Site
TR-05.03 03/29/2005 Ljubomir Butrovic, Sarah Cohen, Zhihong He, Martin Eggenberger, Diane Nacci, Dragutin Petkovic Supervised Classification of Genetic Sequences for Population Analysis
TR-05.02 03/07/2005 William Hsu Using timbre in a computer-based improvisation system
TR-05.01 02/28/2005 Keith Deming and Edward Lank Mode Selection Techniques for Pen Input Systems