Technical Reports

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TR Number Publication Date Author(s) Title
TR-06.21 06/26/2006 Bibek Bhattarai, Mike Wong, Rahul Singh Multimodal Usage Visualization for Large Websites
TR-06.20 06/26/2006 Mike Wong, Bibek Bhattarai, Rahul Singh Characterization and Analysis of Usage Patterns in Large Multimedia Websites
TR-06.19 06/09/2006 Yan Liu, Sorna Vincent, Marguerite C. Murphy Integrating Bioinformatic Data Sources over the SFSU ER Design Tools XML Databus
TR-06.18 05/30/2006 Jaslin Sekhon Linux 2.6 Kernel Tuning and Experimental Verification Using ns2 Simulator
TR-06.17 05/23/2006 Onkar Lalla Linux 2.6 TCP Buffer Tuning
TR-06.13 05/19/2006 Sachiko Halper Online Teaching Component Involving a PowerPoint Plug-in and a Server
TR-06.15 05/19/2006 Jun Murakawa Parts, Image, and Sketch Based 3D Modeling Method
TR-06.16 05/19/2006 Bing Zhong Pocket PC Note Taking Application
TR-06.12 05/18/2006 Varsha Khemani Exception Handling in a Distributed Environment
TR-06.14 05/17/2006 Vien Uy Tran Semantic Mapping of NIH-NCBI Data DTD's
TR-06.10 05/12/2006 David-Guy Brizan Evaluation of Equivalence of French/English Idiomatic Pairs
TR-06.11 05/10/2006 Vikram Bagga Development of a Benchmark Tool for Evaluation and Comparison of Search Engines
TR-06.09 05/04/2006 Yan Liu Web Services Joins Using ER Design Tool XML Databus
TR-06.08 05/04/2006 Jensen Galan Caching TCP Options With Syn_Cookies in the Linux 2.6 Kernel
TR-06.07 04/03/2006 William Hsu Managing gesture and timbre for analysis and instrument control in an interactive environment
TR-06.06 03/13/2006 Yevgenity Luzgin XML Schema and WSDL Best Practices Checker
TR-06.05 02/21/2006 Satish Mahadev Web services Implementation of Microsoft Power Point Application on Pocket PC
TR-06.04 02/13/2006 Kevin Yong Pan Designing Data Acquisition Systems For Field Biologists
TR-06.03 01/27/2006 Berndt Jung, Ilmi Yoon, Hendra Lim, F. A. Ramirez-Weber, Dragutin Petkovic Annotizer: User-friendly WWW Annotation System for Collaboration in Research and Education Environments
TR-06.02 01/17/2006 Dragutin Petkovic, Gary Thompson, R. Todtenhoefer Teaching Practical and Global Software Engineering: Case Study and Recommendations
TR-06.01 01/11/2006 Gaurav Chitnis Performance of the HTTP/1.1 Protocol Over Linux/TCP