Computer and Study Labs


Lab Facilities

Undergraduate Lab

  • SCI 254
  • 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM M-F

Graduate Lab

  • SCI 254
  • Permission Only


Course Fee

A change in course fees and the classes to which they pertain have been approved by the CSU Chancellor and CSU student advisory committees effective Spring 2009.

Students enrolled in the following courses are required to pay a $13.00 course fee, per course:

CSC 413, CSC 415, CSC 600, CSC 615, CSC 620, CSC 630, CSC 637, CSC 640, CSC 641, CSC 642, CSC 644, CSC 645, CSC 650, CSC 651 CSC 656, CSC 664, CSC 665, CSC 667, CSC 668, CSC 671, CSC 675, CSC 690, CSC 720, CSC 730, CSC 745, CSC 775, CSC 810, CSC 820, CSC 825, CSC 830, CSC 835, CSC 837, CSC 840, CSC 841, CSC 842, CSC 845, CSC 846, CSC 848, CSC 849, CSC 850, CSC 856, CSC 857, CSC 864, CSC 868, CSC 870, CSC 871.

The course fees are used for maintaining and improving the computer science labs for the benefit of all computer science students, specifically related to student classwork. The course fee pays for supplies such as toner, paper, and computer hardware and software needed for classes. These fees also give the department more flexibility to fund lab assistants and lab improvements from other funding sources.


Student Lab Coordinator

There is a lab tech. available to assist students with technical and administrative issues associated with the lab. Please contact with any questions or concerns regarding the lab facilities.


Lab Printing Quota

Each Course Fee paid per semester, entitles you to print 400 sheets from the CS Lab Printer during that semester. (e.g. - If you have paid 2 course fees, you have a total of 800 sheets for your beginning Printing Quota.)

If you exhaust your quota and still want to print, all you need to do is pay another fee. Bring your Bursar Stamped Fee Sheet to the CS Dept Office and another 400 sheets will be added to your Print Quota.


Lab Access - SCI 254

Students can use the last 6 digits of their student ID number to access the undergraduate lab, SCI 254. Access will automatically be granted to all students enrolled in CS courses the first week of classes. Students who add classes after the first meeting will be added within a week. If access is needed sooner, the student should contact the lab tech.


After Hours Access

You can access your lab accounts from home or another computer at any time by telneting into your account. If you need to come into the labs after hours, you need special permission from the department. You can obtain the permission forms in the department office. The permission form must be signed by your instructor, the Chair, and the Director of Operations for this college before you are allowed to access the lab before 7:00 am and after 10:00 pm. This process may take a couple days so try to plan ahead.


Security Rules

  1. The lab doors are not to be propped open at any time.
  2. Each student must use the access code that was set by the Department to access the lab.
  3. Note: If the labs are warm, open the windows and use the fans in SCI 254 to help cool the rooms down.


Reporting Lab Equipment/Software Problems

Report a problem to