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Technical Reports - SFSU-CS-TR-99.10
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Title: Graphical Tool for Evaluating Systems on the World Wide Web

Syed Adnan Asar





Time: N/A

There is an ever increasing emphasis on providing Web-based services that assist a Web user to search, compare, evaluate and get recommendation on various products and services over the Web. This thesis has two basic goals: to provide an up-to-date survey of Web-based system evaluation and recommendation concepts and products, and to design and develop a visual version of the LSP method for system evaluation. The basic contribution of the thesis is a new completely visual environment for creating and using complex criteria for evaluation, comparison, and selection of arbitrary complex systems. The graphical environment is designed through a process of stepwise refinements, and is sufficient as a basis for implementation of a comprehensive Web-based system evaluation tool. A prototype of such a tool is developed in Java and tested using all major Web browsers. The goals of this design are to provide a high level of user scalability where the tool can be used by a spectrum of users with different levels of system evaluation expertise, and to take advantage of specific Web characteristics and application trends.


LSP method, system evaluation, expert decision making

Copyright: Syed Adnan Asar
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