Summary of Our Programs

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About Us

Our Classes

  • Teaching is our top priority - we have a dedicated and experienced staff of full time faculty and a small number of lecturers.
  • Most classes are taught by full time faculty.
  • Classes are small to medium sized.
  • Our curriculum integrates a strong core of programming fundamentals with the latest software technologies.
  • We offer a wide variety of electives in specialized areas.
  • We support a diverse and multicultural student and faculty environment.


Our Program

  • Our programs address key new trends such as global software development and biotechnology.
  • Students are required to learn the basics of software engineering and industrial software production processes, usability, project management, etc.
  • Individual and group projects prepare students for jobs in the increasingly global software development environment.
  • We offer projects and internships with local industry.
  • We train and prepare students for job searches and interviews.
  • We emphasize professional written and oral communication skills development.
  • We provide multidisciplinary collaborative projects with departments such as Biology, Biochemistry, Nursing, Business, and Creative Arts.


Our Research

Our department faculty is nationally recognized and engaged in high quality research and teaching involving both undergraduate and graduate students. We offer a strong foundation in Computer Science, with special focus areas in:

  • Computing for Life Sciences (in conjunction with SF State's Computing for Life Sciences)
  • Computing and Business
  • Practical and global software engineering and management

The Computing in Life Sciences (CCLS) is part of a University-wide strategic thrust towards interdisciplinary research and education. For more information on CCLS please visit the Computing for Life Sciences Website


Current Research Areas

  • Software Engineering and Systems
  • Visualization and Multimedia Systems
  • Database and Information Management
  • Computing for Life Science
  • Data Mining
  • Digital Media and Games
  • Networking and Distributed Systems


Industry Preparation

  • Students engage in research, write proposals and papers with faculty, and present their work at scientific conferences.
  • Our graduate program offers specialization in many current areas such as Computing for Life Sciences, Software Engineering, and Business and Computing.
  • Many research projects are funded through grants from government or industry.


Our Location

  • We are close to San Francisco's biotech centers, Silicon Valley, and major research universities including Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSF and UC Santa Cruz.
  • We have easy access to major freeways and are easy to reach via public transportation.
  • Downtown San Francisco is minutes away – and the beach is nearby too!