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Asim Zihnioglu

Software Architect, Remotium (a division of Avast Software)
M.S. 2013


I co-founded Remotium during my graduate program in SFSU Computer Science department in Fall 2012. The company got awarded the most innovative company at RSA Conference February 2013 shortly after founding. In July 2015, the company got acquired by Avast Software. The classes I took as part of the graduate program in SFSU CS helped me in understanding customer driven agile engineering workflow and getting familiar working in teams. Furthermore, their up-to-industry-standard technical classes made it possible for Remotium to achieve success on the engineering and product side in a short period of time. 




Jody Vandergriff

President and COO, WebDAM
M.S. 2008


The CS program at SFSU prepared me for every facet of software engineering within industry. The program perfectly blends theory with practical experience and provides a strong focus on team collaboration. The professors at SFSU all seem to take great pride in what they do and I am lucky to call a few of them my mentors. The Center for Computing for Life Sciences is such a great asset to the program because it provides invaluable research opportunities that are second to none. While there, I had the opportunity to work with leading scientists at UCSF which opened many doors for me in the Bioinformatics industry at Celera Genomics and Genentech. SFSU provided a fantastic foundation that allowed me to go on and start my own enterprise technology company.




William Murad

Chief Information Officer, Cultural Homestay International
M.S. 2011


In my studies, I focused on Bioinformatics... I have been publishing papers on top conferences and journals in the area. I still work for the same company where I started as an intern in 2006, but today I am their Chief Information Officer. My master's degree was certainly one of the most important stepping stones towards this achievement. I highly recommend the CS graduate program at SFSU and I wish to see many talented Brazilian engineers and scientists applying themselves to science as I did.




Therese Demers


B.S. 2013


The experience that came from working on challenging projects with great faculty has helped me tremendously later in my professional life. My work at UCSF and now at the University of Toronto is testament to the excellent faculty at SFSU. The projects that we did at SF State are very different from the CS programs at other schools and really sets my profile apart.




Marc Sosnick-Perez


M.S. 2013


I chose San Francisco State University's Computer Science Department for my graduate work for its small class size, easy access to professors, and the important research work in which the department is engaged. I was impressed by the program's ability to provide a strong theoretical base, while also providing preparation and skills necessary for future industry and academic work.




Sonal Mahajan


M.S. 2013


The experience of thrill, enjoyment and satisfaction of working on research projects, coupled with my academic success and encouragement from [professors] motivated me to persist in my goal and dream of earning a Ph.D. in Computer Science and continue with a career in academic research. ... I am now pursuing my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC) with a full tuition waiver and research and teaching assistantship.




Gurgen Tumanyan


SET Media
M.S. 2011


The experience and the skills I gained in class and in my research landed me 5 job offers straight out of school. When I decided to change my job a year later, it was the projects that I did in SFSU that distinguished me from other candidates. Overall, [this] is an amazing program set in a perfect environment of supportive faculty and students.




Nilay Patel


M.S. 2012


Even though I had 2 years working experience in IT Industry - Bangalore, I learnt much more than I thought I would with the program. ... students like me are extremely lucky to get the chance to work in projects in collaboration with Stanford University. ... Work with Fujitsu Labs... soon opened the door to the highly energetic San Francisco startup Taulia, Inc.




Yiyi Miao


M.S. 2009


This program offers a comprehensive list of classes to prepare me very well before starting my career. As a result, I was able to find a job in the city even during the Great Depression year 2009 right after my graduation. ... Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience in this master program and sincerely hope more students can benefit from studying here.