AI-STAARS Program Page

Welcome to AI-STAARS

From self-driving cars to smart speakers, AI is changing the way we work, learn, and communicate, and its role in our society is becoming increasingly critical.

AI-STAARS (Artificial Intelligence Scholarships That Improve Academic Achievement, Retention, and Career Success) is a program whose goal is to provide early AI exposure to computer science bachelors students.  AI-STAARS program also provides academic support and career coaching that the students need to graduate with a CS degree and ultimately take their place in this fast-growing field. No prior computer science or AI background is needed to participate in the program.

There are three key components to the AI-STAARS program: (1) Academic and Career Advising, (2) A TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) series, and (3) Winter and Summer break activities. These three key components are designed to facilitate students’ academic progress and to guide them with their future careers in CS and AI.

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