Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering

Graduate Certificate in SW Engineering

SFSU CS Department

Certificate description

We are witnessing ever increasing demand for CS graduates in multiple industries worldwide. Successful professionals in computing-related industries must attain and continuously update skills in Software Engineering (SE) in order to have successful careers

The Graduate Certificate in SE is an opportunity to meet the critical needs of matriculated as well as non-matriculated students in attaining and updating highly sought-after skills for their success in their careers as software (SW) engineers.

Since the Certificate has multiple overlapping courses with SFSU’s current MS in CS program, students in the program can easily complete the Certificate with minimal overhead, and gain an additional credential to showcase their Software Engineering skills.

Professionals from industry can efficiently continue their software education and gain additional credentials by completing the Certificate.

On completion of this certificate, students will attain skills in three categories:

  • Basic SW systems and technologies (large SW development, cloud computing, WWW engineering, mobile technologies, distributed and large scale systems etc.)
  • SE modern processes covering the full SE lifecycle (Agile, SCRUM, User Centered Design, SE teamwork and organization etc.)
  • Exposure to modern SE applications and technologies


These three skill categories are the basis for the three core areas of our Graduate Certificate in SE.

Students will be able to complete the SE Certificate in 2 to 3 semesters. Courses in each group in the certificate are offered regularly by SFSU CS Department.

Students in the certificate program will be guided/advised by the Supervisory Committee, and the Computer Science Department’s graduate advisors.

Both matriculated and non-matriculated students can apply for this certificate provided they have adequate qualifications as described in application process.

Certificate Requirements

The three core areas covered in this certificate are:


  • Core requirements focusing on SE best practices, teamwork and organization (two courses, 6 units)
  • Core options focusing on important SE applications and technologies  (one course, 3 units)
  • Electives including a number of SE related courses  (one course, 3 units)


General information about SFSU Certificate programs, including the application process, is here


For the Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering students, need to complete a total of 12 units of courses in three core areas, as outlined in the SFSU bulletin


How to Apply and Obtain the Certificate


Applying to the Certificate Program

We welcome applications from current matriculated San Francisco State graduate students (domestic and international) and non-matriculated post-baccalaureate domestic students interested in the the study of Software Engineering.

Current matriculated domestic and international graduate students at SFSU need to download the application form ( and follow the instructions on the form, obtain the signature by your chosen graduate certificate coordinator, then bring the package to SFSU Division of Graduate Studies (ADM 250).

Domestic non-matriculated students must formally apply to the graduate certificate in Software Engineering through Cal State Apply. Important: to apply for certificates please go to your “EXTENDED PROFILE” and under "DEGREE GOAL" select “CERTIFICATE” then choose "Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering" and SAVE. Applicants are required to upload unofficial transcripts, a statement of interest, and current CV/Résumé to Cal State ApplyIn addition, as part of the application you must identify your preferred faculty mentor whose field of research most closely aligns with your background and interests (see the faculty list below).

Applications are due by August 15 for Fall admission or January 15 for Spring admission, unless the academic department requires an earlier deadline.

Award of Certificate

In consultation with your faculty mentor and upon completion of certificate requirements, you must apply for award of the graduate certificate in Software Engineering. To apply for award, you must submit a  Certificate Approved Program (CAP) form to the Division of Graduate Studies and submit a $7.00 processing fee to the Bursar's Office.



Prof. Dragutin Petkovic

Has industry and startup experience in media content management, SW Engineering and usability. Current research in SW engineering, ML and AI explainability. IEEE Life Fellow.


Prof. Isabel  Hyo Jung Song      

Has a long-term industry-scale software engineering experience. Her research interest includes large-scale software engineering, agile management, software engineering &  entrepreneurship. 


Prof. Jozo Dujmovic

Works in the area of quantitative models of software performance. His research is focused on development of benchmark program generators, workload characterization models, benchmark design, performance measurement, and models for evaluation and comparison of software products.