Computer Science Seminar Schedule

02/18/2021 Motion Capture, Synthesis and Perception for Creating Realistic and Intelligent Virtual Characters Dr. Yingying Wang
02/16/2021 Towards Meaningful Data Privacy Control in the Digital World Dr. Yuanyuan Feng
02/15/2021 Deep Learning for Fashion Style and Online Shopping Shuhui Jiang
02/12/2021 Community-Engaged Technology for Social Good Aakash Gautam
02/10/2021 Probabilistic Programming and Generative Models for Formal Mathematics Daniel Huang
02/27/2020 Building Interactive Systems for Social Good Dr. Matthew Louis Mauriello
02/26/2020 Recovering Structured Data Dr. Venkata Gandikota
02/24/2020 Assistive Technologies, Accessible Computing, and Computer Science Education: It Takes a Village to Build Inclusive Software Dr. Yasmine El-Glaly
02/20/2020 Secure and Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning - A Case Study on Model Stealing Attacks Against Deep Learning Xiaoyong Yuan
02/18/2020 Considering Humans in Acquiring Data, Building Machine Learning Models, and Creating Data-sensemaking Support Systems Ray Hong
02/17/2020 Faithful and Explainable Search Evaluation Jiepu Jiang
02/13/2020 Modeling User Behavior on Socio-Technical Systems: Patterns and Anomalies Hemank Lamba
02/11/2020 Testing Convexity and Acyclicity Dr. Timothy Sun
02/10/2020 Sensemaking at Scale: Solving Intelligence Analysis Mysteries with Crowdsourcing Tianyi Li
02/06/2020 Learning Interpretable Features by Tensor Decomposition Dr. Shah Muhammad Hamdi
11/06/2019 Privacy, Access Control, and Data Integrity for Large Graph Databases Muhammad Umer Arshad
10/30/2019 CHERI: Architectural Support for Memory Protection and Compartmentalization John Baldwin
10/23/2019 Text & Speech: Processing Speech by Deriving and Exploiting Linguistic Subcultures David Guy Brizan
10/16/2019 Towards more Ethical and Human Centric Artificial Intelligence: Overview of New SFSU Graduate Certificate in Ethical Artificial Intelligence Dr. Denise Kleinrichert, Dr. Carlos Montemayor, Dr. Dragutin Petkovic
10/09/2019 Science-Based Storytelling in the California Academy of Sciences Visualization Studio Jeroen Lapré
10/02/2019 Towards An Inspection process to assess Ethical AI: A case study in health care Robert V. Zicari
07/31/2019 Brain-Computer Interfaces and Virtual Reality Beste Yuskel
11/18/2015 Seeking Simplicity in Search User Interfaces Marti Hearst (UC Berkeley)
11/13/2015 Sketching Big Network Data Dr. Shigang Chen
11/04/2015 Commercial Applications of Machine Learning Krishnan Raman (Marin Software)
10/28/2015 Mini Talks Profs. Puder, Yoon, Singh, Hsu, and Dujmovic (Computer Science Professors at SFSU)
10/21/2015 Accelerating Data Discovery for Better Health Laura Haas (IBM)
10/07/2015 ZINC 15 - Ligand Discovery for Everyone John J. Irwin (UCSF)
09/23/2015 Network Architectural Design for Cognitive Radio Networks Hao Yue (Associate Professor San Francisco State University)
09/16/2015 Overview of CS MS program with the focus on Research Methods and Writing Guidance for Culminating Experience Projects Professor Dragutin Petkovic ( Associate Chair (Computer Science - SFSU))
04/22/2015 The early development of computer disk storage, caching and RAID technology Steve Goldman, founder (Distributed Processing Technology)
04/08/2015 How to Successfully Complete Culminating Experience Projects: Research Methods and Writing Guidance Professor Dragutin Petkovic, Chair (Computer Science - SFSU)
04/01/2015 Breaking the Law (Moore's) Stan Mazor (co-Inventor of the microprocessor chip)
03/11/2015 An Overview of the CS Graduate Program Professor Dragutin Petkovic, Chair (Computer Science - SFSU)
03/09/2015 Privacy and Inferences: Measurement, Detection and Protection Jessica Staddon, Ph.D., Research Scientist (Google)
03/04/2015 Resilient Wireless Sensor Networking in Challenging Environments Mo Sha, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
02/24/2015 Understanding Information: From Bits to Brains Avani Wildani, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (Salk Institute)
02/18/2015 Time-efficient Information Collection in RFID Networks Hao Yue, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Florida)
02/11/2015 Big Data Modeling and Analytics for Large-scale Data and Applications M. Omair Shafiq, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Calgary)
02/10/2015 Data-centric Program Analysis for Distributed Systems Peter Alvaro, Ph.D. Candidate (UC Berkeley)
10/29/2014 Open Source Mission Control for the Chrome Browser Jay Trimble & Victor Woeltjen (NASA - Ames Research & MORI Assoc.)
10/22/2014 Medical Image Analysis: From Theory to Practice Dr. Christoph Guetter, Principal Scientist (Voxeleron, LLC)
10/15/2014 58 Years of Data Don Chamberlin (IBM Research (retired))
10/08/2014 Game On! Ms. Nanci Knight (IBM Academic Initiative)
10/01/2014 FirefoxOS Architect Jonas Sicking (MOZILLA)
09/24/2014 Sonora: A Prescriptive Model for Message Authoring on Twitter Neal Lewis (IBM Almaden Research Center)
09/17/2014 How to Successfully Complete Culminating Experience Projects: Research Methods and Writing Guidance Professor Dragutin Petkovic, Chair (Computer Science - SFSU)
09/10/2014 JavaScript: Pedal to the Metal Michael Bebenita (MOZILLA)
09/03/2014 An Overview of the CS Graduate Program Professor Dragutin Petkovic, Chair (Computer Science - SFSU)
04/16/2014 Scientific Networking: Big Data in Moition Brian Tierney & Eric Pouyoul (LBNL - ESnet's Adv. Network Technologies Group)
03/16/2014 The Maxine Virtual Machine and Inspector: a highly approachable environment for VM Research Michael Van De Vanter (Maxine project)
03/05/2014 Accessibility From First Principles Joshua A. Miele, Ph.D., Director (The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Institute)
02/26/2014 Towards Trustworthy Big Data Technologies and Smart-Infrastructures Attila A. Yavuz, Ph.D. (Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center North America)
02/20/2014 To Merge or Not to Merge: Managing Software Families Julia Rubin, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Toronto)
02/18/2014 Formal Foundations of Clustering Margareta Ackerman, Ph.D. (Postdoc Fellow - UC San Diego)
02/13/2014 Preserving Privacy in Social Networking Systems: Policy-Based Control and Anonymity Amirreza Masoumzadeh, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Pittsburgh)
02/12/2014 Large-scale Search in Low-Resource Environments Anagha Kulkarni, Assistant Professor (San Francisco State University - CS Dept.)
02/11/2014 Social Roles in Online Networks Derek Doran, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Connecticut)
02/05/2014 Overview of MS in CS Program Professor Dragutin Petkovic
11/13/2013 TouchDevelop: Cloud-based Scripting on and for Touch-based Devices Nikolai Tillmann (Research Software Design Engineer - Microsoft Research)
11/06/2013 Iterative Design & Development of the ‘World of Balance’ Game: From Ecosystem Education to Scientific Discovery Ilmi Yoon (Assoc.Professor - SFSU CS Dept.)
10/23/2013 Industry Antivirus and Sandbox Solutions are Trying to Solve a Complex NP Complete Problem Benny Czarny (Founder and CEO - OPSWAT)
10/16/2013 Vocabulary Mismatch- Weakness of Modern Search Engines Le Zhao, Ph.D. (Software Engineer - GOOGLE)
10/09/2013 An Introduction to GPU Computing Rama Hoetzlein, Ph.D. (Graphics Research Engineer - NVIDIA)
10/02/2013 Soft Computing Models in Online Real Estate Jozo Dujmovic, Ph.D. (Professor - Computer Science SFSU)
09/25/2013 Accelerating Big Data Discovery Anshu Jain (Research Manager - IBM Research)
09/18/2013 An Overview of the CS Graduate Program Professor Dragutin Petkovic
04/10/2013 Managing Digital Transformation: Collaborative Innovation in a Globally Diverse Enterprise Nanci Knight (IBM Academic Initiative Relationship Manager)
03/13/2013 New Approaches to Analytics in Big Data Professor Norm Matloff (University of California - Davis)
03/07/2013 Campaign Extraction from Large-Scale Social Media Kyumin Lee, Ph.D. Candidate (Texas A & M University)
03/04/2013 Assistive Applications from an HCI Perspective Sonia M. Arteaga, Ph.D. (Hartnell College)
02/28/2013 Scaffolding Student Learning with Interactive Adaptive Technologies: Challenges and Directions Kasia Muldner, Ph.D. (Arizona State University)
02/22/2013 Large-scale Search in Low-Resource Environments Anagha Kulkarni, Ph.D. Candidate (Canegie Mellon University)
02/20/2013 Global Optimization Methods for Computer Vision Professor Daniel Cremers (Technical University, Munich)
02/13/2013 An Overview of the CS Graduate Program Dragutin Petkovic (Chair, Computer Science Program, SFSU)
11/14/2012 Overview of funded culminating experience project opportunities with Prof. D. Petkovic Dragutin Petkovic (Chair Computer Science Dept, SFSU)
11/07/2012 TouchDevelop: A touch-first IDE for the Web created with TypeScript Michal Moskal, Ph.D. (Microsoft Research)
10/24/2012 Software Forensics: Detecting Software Copyright Infringement Bob Zeidman, President (Software Analysis & Forensics Engineering Corp.)
10/17/2012 Soft Computing Evaluation Logic and its Applications Jozo Dujmović (Professor, Computer Science Dept., SFSU)
10/10/2012 Approaches to Designing Behaviour: Generative and Parametric Music Ollie Bown, (University of Sydney)
10/03/2012 Open Mission Control Jay Trimble (NASA Ames Research Center)
09/26/2012 Overview of research, projects and Culminating Experience methodologies at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic (Chair Computer Science Dept, SFSU)
09/19/2012 Emscripten: Compiling C++ to JavaScript Alon Zakai (Researcher, Mozilla)
09/12/2012 An Overview of the CS Graduate Program Dragutin Petkovic (Chair Computer Science Dept, SFSU)
04/25/2012 Software Engineering Issues for Mobile Application Development Tony Wasserman, Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley)
04/18/2012 Commons Initiative at SFSU Prof. Sameer Verma (ISYS - College of Business at SFSU)
04/11/2012 High Performance software design at DreamWorks Animation Dr. Martin Watt (DreamWorks)
04/04/2012 Overview of Mozilla's Boot 2 Gecko project Andreas Gal (Mozilla)
03/28/2012 Fusing and Analyzing Physical and Social Sensors on Smartphones using Web SocialSense Thomas Phan, Ph.D. (Samsung Research & Development)
03/14/2012 Mobile YouTube API Apps for Content Creators, Curators, Gamers and Consumers Jarek Wilkiewicz (YouTube Developer Advocate)
03/07/2012 #4 Research Topics in CS at SFSU (continued) Prof. Barry Levine and Dr. Hong Ge (Computer Science - SFSU)
02/29/2012 #3 Research Topics in CS at SFSU (continued) Profs. Ilmi Yoon and Kazunori Okada (Computer Science - SFSU)
02/22/2012 Soft Computing and Software Metrics Research at SFSU Professor Jozo Dujmovic (SFSU)
02/22/2012 A brief introduction to several research projects in data mining and text analytics Asst. Professor Hui Yang (SFSU)
02/15/2012 #1 Overview of CS Graduate Program Professor Dragutin Petkovic (CS Dept. Chair - SFSU)
02/06/2012 Emerging trends on Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and Predictive Analytics Alakh Verma, Director Product Development (Oracle Corp.)
11/16/2011 Cloud in your Hands - Marriage of Cloud Computing with Smart Devices ARJMAND SAMUEL, Ph.D. (Microsoft Research Connections)
11/09/2011 Dynamic Code Replacement for Java Applications Dr. Angela Nicoara (Deutsche Telekom R&D Lab USA)
11/02/2011 Tales from the transcriptome: discoveries of RNA-editing from RNA-sequencing Melanie Huntley, PhD (Genentech)
10/26/2011 Building Computing Tools for Scientists Deb Agarwal, Ph.D. (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
10/19/2011 A Peek into Service Quality Twittie Senivongse, Ph.D., (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand)
10/05/2011 Garbage-Collecting C Programs Hans Boehm (Research Manager - HP Labs)
09/28/2011 GPS-Prot: A web-based visualization platform for integrating host-pathogen interaction data Melanie Bennett Brewer, Ph.D. (UCSF - HARC Center -HIV Accessory and Regulatory Complexes-)
09/21/2011 ZINC – a tool that simplifies the process of discovering small molecules for biological targets John J. Irwin, Ph.D. (UCSF - Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
09/14/2011 An Overview of the CS Graduate Program Dr. Dragutin Petkovic (SFSU)
04/20/2011 Cross-Compiling Android Applications to other Smartphones Arno Puder, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, SFSU Computer Science)
04/13/2011 Scheduling Dynamic Parallelism on Accelerators Filip Blagojevic (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
04/06/2011 Computational discovery of small bioactive molecules with molecular docking John J. Irwin, Adj. Assoc. Prof. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (UCSF)
03/23/2011 Rock, paper, scissors: How spatial locality, fragmentation, and allocation speed compete in a dynamic memory allocator Alin Jula (SAP Labs - Palo Alto)
03/09/2011 SimTK - biomolecular and biomechanical physics-based simulation tools from Stanford Michael Sherman (Stanford, Simbios)
03/02/2011 Improving Entity Matching with Global Constraints Jim Gemmell (Microsoft)
02/23/2011 How Wikipedia Works: Building an Open Source Encyclopedia Steven Walling (Wikimedia Foundation)
02/16/2011 Emulex Internship Event EMULEX Internship Recruitment Event (Emulex)
02/09/2011 Overview of New Graduate Program and Other New Initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic (San Francisco State University)
11/10/2010 The Android Way: Getting Other Apps to do Some of the Work Hod Greeley, Ph.D. (Mobile Communications Lab, Samsung)
11/03/2010 Measuring the Accuracy of Clustering Algorithms Byron Dom, Ph.D. (Content Sciences, YAHOO)
10/27/2010 Spark: Distributed Memory Abstractions for Cluster Computing Matei Zaharia, Ph.D. Student (UC Berkeley)
10/20/2010 Detecting Large-Scale System Problems by Mining Console Logs Ling Huang, Ph.D. (IBM)
10/06/2010 Data Clustering Algorithms on the GPU: Challenges and Benefits Kai Kohlhoff, Ph.D. (Stanford)
10/06/2010 Access to Information: How Will the Other 70% Get It? Sameer Verma, Ph.D., SFSU Information Systems
09/29/2010 Counting Neutrinos at the South Pole Keith Beattie, MS, Computer Systems Engineer — Lawrence Berkeley Lab
09/15/2010 Network Representations of Biological Information Scooter Morris, Ph.D., UCSF CCLS Distinguished Speaker
09/08/2010 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
09/08/2010 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
04/21/2010 In the Cloud, how virtualization technology, broadband and the consumer culture created Cloud Computing and changed the world Lennart Frantzell (IBM Health Care)
04/14/2010 The future of many core processors: A Tale of Two Processors Dr. Tim Mattson (Intel Research Lab)
04/07/2010 Computational Approaches to Small Bioactive Molecule Discovery Dr. John Irwin (UCSF)
03/17/2010 Moore's Law and Microcomputer History Stan Mazor
03/10/2010 Semantic Supercomputing Dr. Daniel Gruhl (IBM)
03/03/2010 Cross-Compiling Android Applications to the iPhone Arno Puder (SFSU)
02/24/2010 Identification of yeast transcriptional regulation networks using multivariate random forests Yuanyuan Xiao (UCSF)
02/17/2010 Informatics Challenges for Pharmacogenetics Professor Russ Altman (Stanford University)
02/10/2010 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
11/18/2009 A Mathematics Live Textbook of the Future Dr. Arek Goetz (SFSU)
11/04/2009 Naïve Security in a Wi-Fi World Dr. Edward Lank (University of Waterloo)
10/28/2009 Google's Android: The Future of Mobile Development James Kung (Stanford University), Jonathan Herriott (Ohio Northern University), Howard Chou (UCLA), Asurion Mobile Applications
10/21/2009 Benchmarking the Efficiency of Array Processing for Various Types of Language Processors Jozo Dujmović (Computer Science, SFSU), Nathan Luis (Computer Science, SFSU)
10/14/2009 Computational approach to structure elucidation of macromolecules. Dr. Anton B. Guliaev (Chemistry & Biochemistry, SFSU), Dr. Chris Smith (Biology, SFSU)
10/07/2009 A Survey of Various Healthcare Related Projects at IBM Almaden Research Center Bill Cody, Ph.D., IBM Almaden Research Center
09/30/2009 Physics-based Simulations for Animation Professor Bill Hsu, Computer Science Dept., at SFSU
09/23/2009 Using Computational Homology to Predict Recurrence on Early Breast Cancer Patients Professor Javier Arsuaga, Mathematics Dept., at SFSU
09/16/2009 Cloud Computing with MapReduce and Hadoop Matei Zaharia, UC Berkeley
09/09/2009 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
04/22/2009 Automatic Question Categorization in Yahoo! Answers Byron Dom, Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo!
04/15/2009 Cloud Computing and Machine Learning Models for Cancer Diagnostics Ljubomir Buturovic, Chief Scientist, Pathwork Diagnostics, Inc., and Adjunct Professor, San Francisco State University
04/08/2009 The Social Data Revolution Andreas Weigend
04/01/2009 Embedded Wireless MIDI Control over IEEE 802.11 using RTP MIDI Alison Hughes, Apple
03/18/2009 A Commercial SaaS Digital Asset Management Solution for Professional Organizations = Jody Vandergriff, Co-founder of Spitfire Photo
03/11/2009 Feature Animation Technical Production Overview Stephan Bugaj, Pixar Animation Studios
03/04/2009 LSP Suitability Maps Dr. Jozo Dujmovic, SFSU Computer Science Department
02/25/2009 Quantitative CT Image Analysis for Emphysema Lung Treatment Planning Matthew Brown, PhD, UCLA School of Medicine
02/18/2009 The Past and Future of Information Security Towers Conference Center
02/11/2009 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
11/05/2008 Ontology Mapping: Towards semantic interoperability in distributed and heterogeneous environments Dr. Ming Mao, SAP
10/29/2008 HTML 5 Anne van Kesteren, Opera Software
10/22/2008 This is ILM: An inside look at how visual effects are created for many of Hollywood's biggest movies Greg Hyman, Industrial Light & Magic
10/15/2008 Social Applications in the Cloud: OpenSocial and Google App Engine Patrick Chanezon, Google
10/08/2008 Exploring, Sharing, Reflecting, Learning: One Laptop Per Child Dr. Sameer Verma, SFSU
10/01/2008 Novel User Interfaces for Audio Retrieval and Processing Sebastian Heise, Michael Hlatky, and Jörn Loviscach Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Germany
09/24/2008 The Impact of Modern, Large-scale Science on the Design of National and International Research and Education Network William E. Johnston, Senior Scientist and Adviser, ESnet
09/17/2008 Levine: Local and International Projects for Students, Okada: Intelligent Pattern Analysis, Yang: Data Mining and Applications in Bioinformatics and Nutrigenomics SFSU CS Professors Dujmovic, Levine, Okada, Yang
09/10/2008 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
05/07/2008 Labs of the World, Unite!!! Walfredo Cirne, Google
04/30/2008 Troubleshooting Petascale Distributed Science Dan Gunter, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
04/23/2008 Parts, Image, and Sketch based 3D Modeling Method Ilmi Yoon, San Francisco State University
04/16/2008 Maelstroem II - Continuing Arthur C. Clarke's Legacy Jeroen Lapré, ILM digital artist/technical director
04/09/2008 Soft computing with partial truth and graded logic functions Jozo Dujmović, San Francisco State University
04/08/2008 Panel Discussion on the Scrum Systems Development Process David Chilcott, Nachi Sendowski, Dave Sulcer
04/02/2008 Meeting for Grad Students without Culminating Experience Advisor Dragutin Petkovic, William Hsu
03/19/2008 An Exploratory Study of Open Source Software User Groups Leigh Jin, San Francisco State University
03/12/2008 Improving Enterprises with Automated Continuous Testing Environments Joachim Kainz, Jolira
03/05/2008 Dr. Yang: Data Mining at SFSU, Dr. Puder: Writing AJAX Applications in Java or C#, Dr. Runquist: Web application for Q-Anal, an algorithm for comparative quantitative PCR analysis 5:30 Hui Yang, San Francisco State University, 5:50 Arno Puder, San Francisco State University, 6:10 Elizabeth Runquist, San Francisco State University
02/27/2008 Dr. Smith: Using Database and Sematic Web Tools to Link Genes to Complex Behaviors, Dr. Arsuaga: Using Computational Persistent Homolgy for clustering Breast cancer CGH-datas, Dr. Levine: Open Source Project Development Opportunities 5:30 Chris Smith, San Francisco State University, 5:50 Javier Arsuaga, San Francisco State University, 6:10 Barry Levine, San Francisco State University
02/20/2008 Overview of research, projects and Culminating Experience methodologies at SFSU Computer Science Department and SFSU Center for Computing for Life Sciences Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
02/06/2008 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
11/28/2007 Healthcare Informatics at IBM Almaden Research Bill Cody, IBM Almaden Research Center
11/14/2007 LucasArts and ILM: A Case Study in Film and Game Convergence David Bullock, Industrial Light and Magic
11/07/2007 Audio perception and information retrieval and Interactive Intelligent Computing Bill Hsu, SFSU, Kaz Okada, SFSU
10/31/2007 Visualizing Multimedia Structure Matthew Cooper, FXPAL
10/24/2007 Interactive, Internet Delivery of Visualization via Structured, Prerendered Multiresolution Imagery Ilmi Yoon, SFSU
10/17/2007 Ten Years of Musical Tablet Interfaces at CNMAT Michael Zbyszynski, UC Berkeley
10/03/2007 Analyzing and Improving the Performance of Tag-based Systems in the Blogosphere Chris Brooks, University of San Francisco
09/26/2007 Writing AJAX Applications in Java or C# Arno Puder, San Francisco State University
09/19/2007 Overview of research, projects and Culminating Experience methodologies at SFSU Computer Science Department and SFSU Center for Computing for Life Sciences Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
09/13/2007 A Computer Science Distinguished Lecture: Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation
09/05/2007 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
04/25/2007 Endpoint Prediction Using Motion Kinematics Ed Lank, University of Waterloo, Canada
04/18/2007 The UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics Tools and Resources for Life Sciences Computing John "Scooter" Morris & Conrad Huang, UCSF
04/04/2007 Web 2.0, Ajax and OpenAjax Alliance Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
03/28/2007 2006 Computer Science Outstanding MS Thesis/Project Awards Preeti Malik, Jensen Galan
03/21/2007 Google APIs: Search, Advertising and Commerce Jozo Dujmovic and Haishi Bai, Computer Science Department, SFSU
03/14/2007 Google APIs: Search, Advertising and Commerce Patrick Chanezon, Google
03/07/2007 A Computer Science Distinguished Lecture: Moore's Law and Microcomputer History Stanley Mazor
02/28/2007 iJava: A New Direction in Online Education Robert Moll, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
02/21/2007 DSC LAB - Creating Applications and Games for the Next Generation Internet Mike Mages, Digital Sister Cities Lab
02/14/2007 Overview of research, projects and Culminating Experience methodologies at SFSU Computer Science Department and SFSU Center for Computing for Life Sciences Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
02/07/2007 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
01/01/2007 Parts, Image, and Sketch based 3D Modeling Method and Timbral analysis, music perception and interactive systems Jun Murakawa (2006 CSc Outstanding MS Thesis/Project award), Bill Hsu
11/29/2006 Data Mining: Introduction, Techniques, and Applications Hui Yang , Ph.D., SFSU CS
11/15/2006 Timbre and Gesture Management in Interactive Improvisation Bill Hsu, Ph.D., SFSU CS
11/08/2006 Interactive Intelligent Computing Kaz Okada, Ph.D., SFSU CS/CCLS
11/01/2006 An Overview of Medical Imaging Algorithms Romain Moreau-Gobard, Project Manager at Siemens
10/25/2006 Specialized File Systems for the Unix Kernel Gerard J. Cerchio
10/18/2006 Mining Image Date to Support Pharmaceutical Research Robert E. Dunkle, President A.B.E.S
10/11/2006 Future Trends in Supercomputing Performance Dan Gunter, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
10/04/2006 On-Line Science: The world-wide Telescope as a Prototype for the Ne Computational Science Jim Gray, Microsoft's eScience Group
09/27/2006 Machine Learning in Life Sciences Buturovic Ljubomir, San Francisco State University
09/20/2006 Modeling Andness and Orness Jozo Dujmovic
09/13/2006 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
04/26/2006 Q&A Session with the Creator of Firefox Blake Ross, Mozilla Corporation
04/19/2006 A Scientific Approach to Everyday Decision Jozo Dujmovic
04/12/2006 Subsisting in a World of Property: How Law Makes and Breaks Free Software Lawrence Rosen
03/29/2006 A Code Migration Framework for AJAX Applications Arno Puder
03/22/2006 Building & Running Large-Scale Online Systems for Financial Services Joachim Kainz
03/15/2006 Large-Scale Analysis of Biological and Chemical Data Yimeng Dou, University of California - Irvine
03/08/2006 The Future of Ideas Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Stanford Law School
03/01/2006 Edgewrite: A Versatile Design for Accessible Text Entry Jacod O. Wobbrock
02/22/2006 PocketPad: Bridging the Paper-Electronic Divide in a Mobile World Dr. Lank
02/15/2006 When Gossip is Good: Distributed Inference for Network Intrusion Detection Eve M. Schooler Senior Research Scientist Intel Research/CTL
02/08/2006 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
11/23/2005 A Q & A Session with the Inventor of Java James Gosling
11/16/2005 Efficient, User-Friendly Text Input Method for Mobile Devices Nada Matic
11/09/2005 SCO vs. IBM - the Anatomy of a Defining Case for Open Source Erich Bonnert
11/02/2005 An Introduction to Interpolative Boolean Algebra Dragan Radojevic
10/26/2005 Continuous Preference Logic for System Evaluation Jozo J. Dujmović
10/19/2005 JDDAC: An Open Source Wireless Sensor Network Platform Jerry Liu, Agilent Labs
10/12/2005 What is Python? Wesley J. Chun, IronPort Systems
10/05/2005 Context in Search and Browsing of Photograph Andreas Paepcke , Stanford University
09/28/2005 Humanoid Tai Hsu, Northwestern Polytechnic University
09/21/2005 Computer Science goes Interactive New Media Dr. Wolfgang Taube, University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen, Germany
09/14/2005 What Open Source Means for the Future of Computer Science Bernard Golden, Chief Executive Officer, Navica
09/07/2005 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
04/20/2005 The Apache Software Foundation: History, Purpose, and How We Can Help the Planet Brian Behlendorf
04/13/2005 RTP MIDI: Welding the plumbing for network musical performance John Lazzaro, University of California, Berkeley
04/06/2005 The Search for New Antimalarial Therapeutics Jennifer L. Weisman, UCSF
03/30/2005 Whither Ubiquitous Video? Lawrence A. Rowe , University of California, Berkeley
03/16/2005 Using instruction level parallelism to characterize Java benchmarks Bill Hsu , San Francisco State University
03/09/2005 Monitoring Network Domains to Detect Service Violations and DoS Attacks Ahsan Habib, University of California, Berkeley
03/02/2005 See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste: Multi-Modal Interaction in Virtual Environments Robert W. Lindeman, The George Washington University
02/23/2005 Privacy Preserving Information Integration across Multiple Databases Li Xiong, Georgia Institute of Technology
02/16/2005 A Stepwise Filtering Method for Optimization of Complex Systems Jozo J. Dujmovic and Meng-Kang Kao, San Francisco State University
02/09/2005 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
11/17/2004 Data Integration and Management for Bioinformatics Barbara Eckman, IBM Life Sciences
11/10/2004 XML11 - An Abstract Windowing Protocol Arno Puder
11/03/2004 Science and Art of the Computer Performance Benchmarking Michael Frumkin, NASA Ames Research Center
10/27/2004 SAP Research: Next generation enterprise software platforms Samir Raiyani, SAP Research
10/27/2004 A timbre-aware interactive computer music system William Hsu
10/13/2004 Green Goop and Polygon Soup James O'Brien, UC Berkeley
10/06/2004 Properties and Modeling of Partial Conjunction/Disjunction Jozo Dujmovic, SFSU co Author Henrik Larsen, Aalborg University
09/29/2004 A Software Verification Technique for Ubiquitous, Situation-Aware Middleware Hoh Peter In, Korea University
09/22/2004 Distributed Hash Tables: The Latest Fad in Distributed Computing Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley
09/15/2004 Overview of New Graduate Program and other new initiatives at SFSU Computer Science Department Dragutin Petkovic, San Francisco State University
05/12/2004 The Architecture of Colossus, the first PC Benjamin Wells , University of San Francisco
05/05/2004 Reliability of LSP Criteria Dr. Jozo Dujmovic & Wen Yuan Fang Computer Science Dept. at SFSU
04/28/2004 What is Grid Computing? Dan Gunter , Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
04/21/2004 From Sensors to the Boardroom - Applications and Architectures for Deploying Auto-ID in the Enterprise Jim Wright, Sun Microsystems
04/14/2004 Interaction Design at Pixar Animation Studios Karon Weber, Pixar Inc.
04/07/2004 Migrating to Simpler Distributed Applications Joachim Kainz
03/17/2004 Determining Molecular Similarity and its Applications Rahul Singh, Georgia Institute of Technology
03/10/2004 VizStruct: Visual Exploring Microarrays Li Zhang, SUNY at Buffalo
03/03/2004 Data Mining for Brain Imaging Aleksandar Lazarevic, University of Minnesota
02/18/2004 The Current and Evolving Architecture and Operation of ESnet: A Very High Performance, Nation Wide Network William Johnston, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
11/19/2003 Principles of Open Source Arno Puder, SFSU
11/12/2003 Top 10 issues for Wireless Wide Area Networks Mike Ritter, MetroFi
11/05/2003 GEM: A Pattern Recognition Approach to Functional Genomics Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood IBM Almaden Research Center
10/29/2003 Triangle Diagrams for Visualization of Java Workloads Jozo Dujmovic and Carl Herder
10/22/2003 Advances in Eye Detection and Eye Gaze Tracking Arnon Amir IBM Almaden Research Center
10/15/2003 JFluid: Profiling Technology Based on Dynamic Bytecode Instrumentation Mikhail Dmitriev
10/08/2003 Animating Explosions Prof. James O'Brien U.C. Berkeley, EECS Dept.
10/01/2003 MyLifeBits: A Lifetime Storage System Jim Gemmell Microsoft Bay Area Research Center
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03/05/2003 An Analysis of the CPU2K Benchmarks on the Intel Itanium 2 Processor Allan D. Knies Intel Corporation
02/26/2003 DC-Train 4.0 Simulator and Trainer for Crisis Decision Making David C. Wilkins Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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11/20/2002 A Model of Periodic Acknowledgment Alexandre Brandwajn UC Santa Cruz
11/13/2002 New Rules, New Tools: Enabling Collaborative Software Development Larry Augustin VA Software
11/06/2002 Papier-Mâché: Toolkit support for tangible interaction Scott Klemmer UC Berkeley
10/30/2002 Applying Congestion Pricing at Access Points for Data and Voice Traffic Jimmy Shih UC Berkeley
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03/13/2002 Exploring Program Space Jozo Dujmovic San Francisco State University
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10/03/2001 Static and Dynamic Characterization of C Programs Hue-Man Tang Charles Schwab
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09/19/2001 Model Based User Interfaces - Helping Scale the Internet Srdjan Kovacevic Icarian, Inc.
05/02/2001 How to Play a Guessing Game with Full and Half Liars? Bala Ravikumar San Francisco State University
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05/01/2000 Wiggins/Redstone: A Dynamic Optimization and Specialization Tool Chris Reeve, Dean Deaver Compaq Computer Corporation
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04/04/2000 BenchMaker: A Tool for Automatic Generation of Benchmark Programs Jozo Dujmovic San Francisco State University
03/29/2000 Issues in Designing and Building Virtual Private Routed Networks George Neville-Neil IP Architect Wind River Networks
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03/01/2000 Compiler Technology on IA-64 Architecture Jesse Z. Fang Intel
02/23/2000 An Experimental Study of the Hybrid Hash Join Algorithm Yiqing Ling San Francisco State University
02/16/2000 Internet Voting in Public Elections David Jefferson Compaq Systems Research Center
11/22/1999 Why Understanding Anything About the Internet is Painfully Hard Vern Paxson Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
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09/22/1999 Automated Generation of System-Specific Processors Chris Rowen President and CEO, Tensilica, Inc.
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04/28/1999 Where the Time Goes, How Processors Really Access Memory Howard Davidson Sun Microsystems
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04/07/1999 httperf---A Tool for Measuring Web Server Performance David Mosberger HP
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03/17/1999 Universal Benchmark Suites Jozo J. Dujmovic San Francisco State University
03/10/1999 Successful Benchmarking or Load Testing of Web Applications Larry Watson Relational Software Corporation
03/03/1999 An Application of Parallel Genetic Algorithms to Structure Determination of Surface Materials Greg Stone San Francisco State University
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