Successful Benchmarking or Load Testing of Web Applications

Wednesday, March 10, 1999 - 17:30
TH 331
Larry Watson Relational Software Corporation

Today's tools for benchmarking or load testing systems prior to deployment, make the work of analysts easier and more effective. With browser-enabled applications, performance testing can begin earlier than with traditional development platforms. Testing for sizing purposes can begin with the first functional version of new applications. This early testing can provide sizing estimates for future benchmark labs, product marketing models, focus on optimization opportunities, and preliminary platform configurations.

This talk will explore early testing of a Web application based on Active Server Pages and Microsoft Internet Information Server, but could apply to any n-tier architecture. The features of load testing tools that will be demonstrated include capture of real user actions to create a virtual user script, enhancement of scripts to represent a realistic community of users, monitoring of virtual users and platforms during a test, and finally analysis and reporting of the results.


Larry has been doing benchmarking and training of others in the subject for almost 25 years. He currently works with Rational customers doing performance testing of tomorrow's critical applications.