picoJava: A Direct Execution Engine for Java Bytecode

Wednesday, April 14, 1999 - 17:30
TH 331
Harlan McGhan SUN Microsystems

The picoJava architecture is the first "post-Java" CPU design, able to execute Java bytecode instructions directly in hardware. This talk will outline the possible range of impacts a platform-independent programming language like Java can have on CPU architectures, before turning to look at details of the picoJava core. Following an account of the extended bytecode Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) developed for picoJava, an examimnation will be made of its microarchitecture, including the structure of its data and instuction caches, pipeline, stack cache, FPU, and other key functional blocks. A summary will be given of performance results for both Java language and C language benchmarks. The talk will conclude with mention of Sun's new Community Source License agreement, making the picoJava core readily accessible to research institutions like SFSU.