Graduate Seminar Schedule

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Date Title Presenter
11/29/2000 Machine Translation: Goals, Issues, Approaches, and Applications Violetta Cavalli-Sforza San Francisco State University
11/15/2000 An Analytical Study of Opportunistic Lease Renewal Darrell Long UC Santa Cruz
11/08/2000 UQBT: Adaptable Binary Translation Cristina Cifuentes Sun Microsystems
11/01/2000 Imagine: Media Processing Using Streams John Owens Stanford University
10/25/2000 Behind the Scenes at a Web Portal Udi Manber Yahoo! Inc.
10/25/2000 A Workload Generator for NT Networks Jozo J. Dujmovic San Francisco State University
10/18/2000 Scalable Web Hosting Service: Load Balancing, Management and Performance Issues Lubmila Cherkasova HP Labs
10/11/2000 Vector IRAM: A Media-Oriented Vector Processor with Embedded DRAM Christoforos Kozyrakis U. of Cal. Berkeley
10/04/2000 What's Wrong with the (Database) Picture? Fabian Pascal
09/27/2000 Emulating HP/PA-RISC Applications on the IA64 Architecture Bharath Chandramohan and Mike Chen Hewlett-Packard
09/20/2000 Efficient Performance Estimation for Advanced Microprocessors David Ofelt Juniper Networks
05/01/2000 Wiggins/Redstone: A Dynamic Optimization and Specialization Tool Chris Reeve, Dean Deaver Compaq Computer Corporation
04/26/2000 Generalized Value Profiling and Instruction Profiling in DCPI Mark Vandevoorde Altavista
04/12/2000 Transmeta's Crusoe Chip Family and Related Technologies Claudio Fleiner Transmeta
04/04/2000 BenchMaker: A Tool for Automatic Generation of Benchmark Programs Jozo Dujmovic San Francisco State University
03/29/2000 Issues in Designing and Building Virtual Private Routed Networks George Neville-Neil IP Architect Wind River Networks
03/15/2000 NFS Sensitive to High Performance Networks Richard Martin Rutgers University
03/08/2000 High-Performance Data Intensive Distributed Computing Brian L. Tierney Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
03/01/2000 Compiler Technology on IA-64 Architecture Jesse Z. Fang Intel
02/23/2000 An Experimental Study of the Hybrid Hash Join Algorithm Yiqing Ling San Francisco State University
02/16/2000 Internet Voting in Public Elections David Jefferson Compaq Systems Research Center