Issues in Designing and Building Virtual Private Routed Networks

Wednesday, March 29, 2000 - 17:30
TH 331
George Neville-Neil IP Architect Wind River Networks

New networking technologies are allowing bandwidth providers as ISPs to deploy large, fast networks capable of handling many disparate customers. With this new power comes the need to manage and apportion networks between many, possibly competing, clients. One way of building up this infrastructure is to deploy Virtual Private Routed Networks which can manage, and keep separate, completely overlapping Internets.

This talk will be an overview of VPRNs, how they can be deployed, and one possible software implementation suitable for an Internet router.


George Neville-Neil is the IP Architect at Wind River Networks, a division of Wind River Systems. Wind River Systems builds and sells real-time operating systems and development tools. He has been working with network protocols and devices since joining Wind River Systems in December of 1995. For a brief period during the last year he worked for Siara Systems building high speed SONET based routers. His computer science research interests include network protocols, performance analysis, operating systems, and the design of APIs. Mr. Neville-Neil has also contributed to the Open Source community most recently through extensions to the vi editor.