Model Based User Interfaces - Helping Scale the Internet

Wednesday, September 19, 2001 - 17:30
TH 331
Srdjan Kovacevic Icarian, Inc.

Early Web technology was not geared toward interactive applications and was used predominately for browsing (static) contents. Creating and delivering interactive, dynamic content was cumbersome and very inefficient, especially for applications having rich semantics and requiring context management. This talk discusses how new technologies are enabling a wider range of applications to be effectively developed and more efficiently delivered over the Web, with special focus on model-based technology and its relationship to Java/J2EE, XML, .Net, Web services, and other emerging technologies. The talk explains principles of model-based development, including its application to user interface design and development (model-based user interfaces) and how it can help scale the Internet - it enables new generation of applications and facilitates increased usage of internet by delivering better user experience, improved performance and better utilization of Web resources and infrastructure.


Dr. Srdjan Kovacevic brings combined experience from key Architecture roles in the software industry, applied research, academia, standards and professional organizations, with special focus on advancing model-based technology and software development tools and processes. As the Chief Technology Strategist at Icarian, he has led advanced modeling efforts in the workforce management domain. Prior to Icarian, Dr. Kovacevic was a principal scientist at Aonix, where he explored new ways to utilize model-driven and component-based development technology and maximize benefits of modeling tools in software development. He represented Aonix at OMG and was an active member of the UML and XMI (XML Metadata Interchange standard) revision task forces, and several other OMG working groups. Previously, Dr. Kovacevic was at U S WEST Advanced Technologies, where he applied model-based technology to user interface design, data browsing environments, intelligent tutoring systems, electronic commerce and web applications. Earlier, Dr. Kovacevic was a visiting researcher at Georgia Tech's GVU Center where he also helped launch the MASTERMIND project - a collaborative effort between GVU and USC/ISI on evaluating and merging their application and user interface models.

Dr. Kovacevic is serving on Board of Directors of HR-XML consortium. He has also been active on program and organizing committees of several international workshops and conferences. Dr. Kovacevic received his Ph.D. from the George Washington University.