Scalability Problems in Large-Scale Internet Networks

Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 17:30
TH 331
Boris Jankovic CPlane, Inc.

The explosive growth of Internet and communication networks in general has uncovered some inherent weaknesses in many of the provisioning mechanisms. A common problem encountered with the rapid growth of demand for network and application services is the problem of scalability. The scalability in its most basic form relates to the ability of any mechanism to deal with problems that vary in size over large range of magnitudes. In this seminar we present some common scalability problems encountered in the Internet as well as in large corporate networks and ways how to deal with them. The impact of scalability on network and application performance is also discussed.


Boris Jankovic is a network architect in CPlane, Inc. Prior to that he had been involed in design of communication networks. His interests are in characterisation of network traffic, network performance analysis and in network control mechanisms for provisioning of service guarantees. Boris holds a Dipl. Ing. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Belgrade and a doctorate from Technikon Natal.