Realizing Virtual Enterprises through BPM and Web Services

Wednesday, April 17, 2002 - 17:30
TH 331
Setrag Khoshafian Web Financial Systems

The notion of Virtual (also called Extended) Enterprises (VE) has been around for quite sometime. Recently a plethora of standards, frameworks, and products have emerged to facilitate the creation of value and supply chains involving many organizations. At the higher-level business layers, Business Process Management (BPM) captures and automates process choreographies involving back-office enterprise applications, partners, performers, and services from multiple organizations. At the infrastructure layers Web Services make it possible for organizations to publish, discover, and exchange services/messages - internally or with trading partners - on the Web. This presentation will discuss how distributed architectures and processes involving Web Services and BPM help realize the full potential of Virtual Enterprises.


Dr. Koshafian is a recognized expert in Database Management, Systems, Business Process Management, XML, and Object-Oriented technologies. Currently he is the Chief Technology Officer and a Founder of Web Financial Systems, a new startup concentrating on Web Services and BPM for the financial industry. Previously he was the Senior VP of technology at Savvion, Inc. where he invented, designed, architect-ed and managed the development and delivery of the award winning BusinessManager BPM platform. He has been a senior executive for the past 15 years. He is the lead author of seven books and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in several universities around the world - where he provides his students a unique combination of academic depth and industry experience. He has given numerous seminars and presentations in conferences to technical as well as business communities.