A Flexible Interface for Wave Terrain Synthesis

Wednesday, April 24, 2002 - 17:30
TH 331
William Hsu SFSU

Wave Terrain Synthesis is a promising and flexible sound synthesis technique; a waveform is generated by tracing a trajectory over a pre-defined three-dimensional surface. This technique has not seen widespread application. A large number of parameters are involved, and the way they should relate to timbral and performance characteristics may be quite complex. In this paper, we describe a flexible interface for working with wave terrain synthesis, implemented in the Max/MSP environment in combination with Wacom Intuos2 graphics tablet and pen. This new interface offers tactile and interactive control over trajectory parameters, and will facilitate both sound design and real-time performance.


William Hsu is an associate professor of computer science at SFSU. His research interests are in computer architecture and interactive computer music.