Phase Shift Masking

Wednesday, October 2, 2002 - 17:30
TH 331
Stanley Mazor Numerical Technologies

The roadmap for Moores law of semiconductor density has some bumps and curves as we confront the barriers of optical lithography. We need patterns smaller than the wavelength of the light source creating them. Phase shift masking offers a potential solution to achieving high density circuits using conventional photomasking equipment. Stanley Mazor, Director of Training for Numerical Technologies will discuss these new techniques and describe applications of this technology.


Stanley Mazor worked on early microprocessor chips at Intel and shares patents on the 4004 and 8080. Previously he worked on the design of a high level language computer, "Symbol" at Fairchild R&D (1964). He has worked in six start-up companies including: NTI-Cadabra, BEA Systems, Synopsys, CAT*S, and Silicon Compilers. He studied mathematics at San Francisco State University in 1963. He has published 50 articles relating to LSI chips and a book "A Guide to VHDL", published by Kluwer in 1993. He was awarded the Kyoto Prize, the Ron Brown American Innovator Award, inducted into the Inventor's Hall of Fame, the SFSU Wall of Fame, and more recently the SIA Robert Noyce Award. His hobby is architecture.