From Sensors to the Boardroom - Applications and Architectures for Deploying Auto-ID in the Enterprise

Wednesday, April 21, 2004 - 17:30
TH 331
Jim Wright, Sun Microsystems

The domain of network computing is starting an exponential growth in scale and scope as applications begin interacting with real-world objects at the network edge. Real-world objects are acquiring identities in the network domain and are increasing being attached to information that must be accessed, protected and managed. The establishment of standards for Auto-ID passive radio frequency tags, and the setting of mandates for adoption by companies like Walmart and institutions such as the Department of Defense, has made Auto-ID the leading edge in driving the integration of the traditional "glass house" IT infrastructure into this new world.. This talk will look at the implications of Auto-ID technology and trace its impact in terms of architecture and infrastructure using the Sun Auto-ID platform. The experience of early adoptor deployments will illustrate issues and challenges.


Jim Wright is a Solutions Architect with Sun Microsystems Market Development Engineering group. After joining Sun Labs in 1988, he has worked as a manager, senior manager and individual contributor delivering client-server telephony platforms, Solaris integration of speech technology, high availability platforms, the Java Telephony API and the SunTone Service Provider Certification program. Jim's current engagements are in developing an Industrial Java strategy and creating reference architectures for RFID and Auto-ID solutions. He was trained in linguistics and acoustic phonetics at UC Berkeley.