A Stepwise Filtering Method for Optimization of Complex Systems

Wednesday, February 16, 2005 - 17:30
TH 331
Jozo J. Dujmovic and Meng-Kang Kao, San Francisco State University

System evaluation is a process of determining the extent to which an evaluated system satisfies a set of requirements. The global degree of satisfaction is called the preference score, or simply the global preference. We evaluate complex systems using quantitative criteria based on the LSP method.

In this presentation, we describe an efficient new method for generating optimum configurations. For systems having n inputs the time complexity of the proposed method is O(n). The new method eliminates the limitation of previous algorithms that were applicable only in the case of criteria having a binary tree structure. We will present the new Stepwise Filtering Method, and examples of its use.


Jozo Dujmovic was born in Dubrovnik and received his BSEE, MS and doctorate from the University of Belgrade. He is a professor of Computer Science at San Francisco State University, where he served for four years as Chairman of hte Computer Science Department. His teaching and research activities are in the area of software metrics, decision analysis, and computer performance evaluation. He is the author ofmore than 100 refereed publications, recipient of three best paper awards, and a senior member of IEEE. He served as General Chair of IEEE MASCOTS 2000 and as General Chair of ACM WOSP 2004.

Meng-Kang Kao obtained his MS degree from the Department of Computer Science at San Francisco State University, 2004. His professional interests include system evaluation, optimization, and web application design. The results of his MS project are prepared for publication as a joint paper with Dr. Jozo J. Dujmovic. Mr. Kao is currently a web developer at Custom Craft Company, Cerritos, CA.