Wednesday, September 28, 2005 - 17:30
TH 331
Tai Hsu, Northwestern Polytechnic University

Building a humanoid requires efforts from many disciplines, e.g., Biology, Chemistry, CS, Cognitive Science, EE, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, etc. Cybernetics is the discipline established in 1947 to study such a diverse science. It foresaw much work in robotics and autonomous agents.

I'll provide a brief introduction of Cybernetics, its use in Robotics, and its future impact in the society and industry. I'll also provide a brief introduction of integrating technologies to build humanoids. Possibly, I'll include a demo of my current progress in the Humanoid Project.


Tai Hsu is currently a faculty of Northwestern Polytechnic University. His research covers areas of AI, algorithms, computational biology, cybernetics, machine vision, and supercomputing. His work in computational biology won an award from the National Library of Medicine. His work in quantum chemistry won the best paper award (Journal of Chinese Chemical Society, Taiwan). He was also one of the contributors of the NSF award (No. 9818414) for Computer Science Department of Oregon State University. He was a distinguished employee of Providian Financial Corp., saving the employer many millions of dollars with his scalable, reliable, and reusable methods to process the extremely large amount of credit card data. One of his programs was acclaimed as one of the world's top 500 most useful utilities.