Specialized File Systems for the Unix Kernel

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 - 17:30
TH 331
Gerard J. Cerchio

Intro to the kernel VFS component of Unix type operating systems
Description of the FUSE Open Source toolkit
Some example FUSE file systems
DGMAFS system (my current project)
Directions of data storage in the Unix environment


Gerard J. Cerchio has a varied educational background including Steven's Institute of Technology, Georgian Court College and Rutgers University. Mr. Cerchio has worked in computer technology since 1972. His early career included contracts at Rutgers, Bell Labs and Intel working on the PDP 11- Intel 8086 integration, the Unix Kernel and the first megabit memory storage chip. Mr. Cerchio architected the first word processor published on the IBM PC, Easy Writer. He wrote a patent in 1984 in the field, that a decade later would become multimedia technology. He has served on the advanced technology teams of many corporations through out the world. He has written an un-published RFC that allows auto-MAC assignment on the Ethernet and transmission of DVD quality video at WIFI class B speeds. Currently he is designing and implementing a medical/military grade distributed media independent archive file system for the Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris OS environments.