LucasArts and ILM: A Case Study in Film and Game Convergence

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 17:30
TH 331
David Bullock, Industrial Light and Magic

Everyone is talking about film-game convergence. Lucasfilm is actually doing it. Working literally side by side, on the same codebase, LucasArts and ILM are leveraging each others' expertise to create a unified set of tools and techniques serving both companies. This talk provides an overview of work-to-date and discusses challenges in unifying game and film technology.


David Bullock has been a Software Engineer in Industrial Light + Magic's R&D group for over seven years. He has worked on modelling and simulation tools for movies such as Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3, Van Helsing, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hulk, and Harry Potter. David Bullock is currently working in collaboration with LucasArts, the Lucasfilm games division.