Healthcare Informatics at IBM Almaden Research

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 17:30
TH 331
Bill Cody, IBM Almaden Research Center

For the past 3 years at the IBM Almaden Research Center we have been developing a set of research projects in the area of Healthcare Informatics to establish our lab as a Center of Excellence in this area within the worldwide IBM research community. Healthcare Informatics is an increasingly important area for IBM's business as well as a natural area of research for IBM's data management, natural language processing, computer vision and mathematical analysis researchers to expand into. In this talk I will briefly oveview some of the key projects from around the IBM Research Division in healthcare and then describe a set of current projects at the Almaden Research Center. These projects span standards based architectural work for interoperability to medical image analysis projects for diagnosis validation to epidemiological modelling systems.
The projects are typically done in collaboration with research hospitals, customers, universities or industry partners to provide domain expertise, data and validation.


Bill Cody has been the Senior Manager for the new HeathCare Informatics Research group at the IBM Almaden Research Center for the past year. He received his PhD in mathematics and has held various product development, research and management positions with IBM since joining the company. He has published papers on database applications, database technology, information integration and group theory.