Maelstroem II - Continuing Arthur C. Clarke's Legacy

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - 17:30
TH 331
Jeroen Lapré, ILM digital artist/technical director

Arthur C. Clarke's Maelstrom II is a science-based mini drama, produced and directed by ILM digital artist, Jeroen Lapre'. It is based on the short story, by Sir Arthur. Jeroen will talk about how he is adapting the short story into a digital short. The goal of this project is to combine a human story with real science, to make science compelling. Jeroen consulted with volunteer scientists and engineers, from NASA and the space community, to help ensure this piece is as scientifically accurate as possible. He will also talk about how the project has evolved into a web-based distributed "virtual production" over the years.


Jeroen has over 11 years visual effects experience at ILM, and a passion for science and space exploration. He also has a personal interest in the semantic web, and how this emerging technology might be applied to a wide range of activities. In addition to his Clarke project, Jeroen will also talk about how the semantic web might be applied to his projects, and hopefully to the benefit of others.