The Past and Future of Information Security

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 - 17:30
TH 331
Towers Conference Center

Information security as we know it today arises out of the growth of radio in the early 20th century and that of computers in mid-century. Each represented a challenge to known techniques for controlling information. We will explore the history of these developments and explore the challenge posed by web services and cloud computing today.


Dr. Whitfield Diffie, Chief Security Officer of Sun Microsystems, is Vice President and Sun Fellow and has been as Sun since 1991. As Chief Security Officer, Diffie is the chief exponent of Sun's security vision and responsible for developing Sun's strategy to achieve that vision. Best known for his 1975 discovery of the concept of public key cryptography, Diffie spent the 1990s working primarily on the public policy aspects of cryptography and has testified several times in the Senate and House of Representatives. Diffie is a fellow of the Marconi Foundation and is the recipient of awards from a number of organizations, including IEEE, The Electronic Frontiers Foundation, NIST, NSA, the Franklin Institute and ACM.