A Mathematics Live Textbook of the Future

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 - 16:30
TH 331
Dr. Arek Goetz (SFSU)

We brainstorm an idea of a mathematics textbook living organism as a platform for hybrid and online course delivery. We address pedagogical, social, and technical barriers and possible solutions in building an internet 2.0 accessible course textbook. In particular, we illustrate a natural language to latex converter prototype and emphasize the importance of mathematical logic and regular expressions as an engine for filtering math formulas.


Dr. Arek Goetz s a professor of mathematics at San Francisco State University, an e-consultant and a multimedia software architect.

He is the founder of mangoroot - a prototype of a platform for future live mathematics textbook. The platform has been used for an online world online calculus class — calculus.sfsu.edu.