Emerging trends on Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Monday, February 6, 2012 - 13:10
TH 331
Alakh Verma, Director Product Development (Oracle Corp.)

Hosted by the Engineering Department:

The current phase of IT is undergoing a new paradigm shift and engaged in new
buzz around Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and Predictive Analytics. Industry
leaders such as Oracle, IBM, CISCO, hp etc. are busy defining these technology
trends and developing software solutions, architecture and framework. The term
"cloud computing" has been used and abused by technology leaders and their
marketing groups to denote just about anything other than on-premise systems
such as software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure
as a service (IaaS), private, community, public, and hybrid cloud etc. The
immense success and proliferation of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare
and mobile/smart devices such as iPhones, Blackberrys and Tablet PC among
consumers has created consumerization of IT and new paradigm of Social and
Mobile computing.The social computing that deals with unstructured data such
as chat, video, and pictures has challenged IT leaders to store, manage, retrieve
and analyze these large amount of data and has given birth to “Big Data” and
“Predictive in memory analytics”.This seminar will be an endeavor to cut
through fog and simplify these emerging technology trends, directions and
innovations in simple terms with recent industry use cases.


Alakh Verma is Director of Product development (Platform Technology
Solutions) at Oracle Corp, Headquarters at Redwood Shores, CA.USA and has
over 18 years of experience in the high technology industry blended with
academia. Alakh spearheads and evangelizes Enterprise 2.0 solutions and services
among global partner ecosystem and envisions major shift in IT trends with Cloud,
Social, Mobile, Big Data and Predictive Analytics. Alakh has been engaged in
Global business planning and Strategy, at Oracle, traveled all across US, Australia,
Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Europe, Middle East and African Countries as
business and technology delegate in global forums and Symposiums. Alakh is on
board of Management and Leadership team of SRII (Service Research and
Innovation Institute) founded and supported by technology professionals from IT
leaders such as IBM, Oracle, HP, Cisco and Research scholars from Academia.
Alakh is a post graduate in Management from Jamnalal Institute of Management
studies, Mumbai and Master in Systems from NDNU, CA USA; He is a guest
faculty member and Career panelist at NDNU (Notre Dame De Namur University
and Argosy University in Silicon Valley, USA and offers lectures and thought
leadership in the field of management and technologies.