Soft Computing and Software Metrics Research at SFSU

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 17:00
TH 331
Professor Jozo Dujmovic (SFSU)

This presentation will survey several topics that are current research interest of people who work in the soft computing and software metrics areas related to graduate courses CSc 840 and CSc 841. We will shortly survey the following topics:
1. Suitability maps. These are maps that in each point show the suitability of that point for some specific purpose.
2. LSP method and its applications. The LSP method for evaluation is currently used in ecology, medical applications, urban planning, and personal decision making.
3. Efficiency of processing arrays for various programming languages.This is a software metrics topic in the area of benchmarking that enables a quantitative comparison of performance of compiled languages, interpreted languages, and languages that use virtual machines.
4. Industrial standard benchmarks. In this area we investigate the metrics of SPEC component-level benchmark suites.In all of these areas we have published results and interest for future work which can be used for student MS projects.


Dr. Jozo Dujmovic is Professor of Computer Science and former Chair of Computer Science Department at SFSU. He is the author of 150 refereed publications. His research interests are in soft computing evaluation logic, software metrics and computer performance evaluation.