High Performance software design at DreamWorks Animation

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 16:30
TH 331
Dr. Martin Watt (DreamWorks)

The artists who create movies at DreamWorks Animation are always pushing the limits of technology in their efforts to create more immersive experiences. This requires software developers to create tools that can extract the maximum performance from the available hardware. New tools are under development that are extensively multithreaded to take advantage of all available machine resources. This presentation
describes the motivations and approaches to writing such code, as well as the problems that have been encountered and the solutions adopted.


Martin Watt is a Principal Engineer at DreamWorks animation where he has spent three years working on a ground-up replacement for the existing
in-house animation tool. Prior to that he worked
at Autodesk in Toronto, Canada as a senior developer on a commercial animation tool called Maya,heavily used in the film and games industries. He has a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Birmingham in the UK.