Commons Initiative at SFSU

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 16:30
TH 331
Prof. Sameer Verma (ISYS - College of Business at SFSU)

Abstract: The mission of The Commons Initiative at SF State is two-fold: 1) To connect people, so they can communicate their ideas, and collaborate on projects in the digital commons space at SF State and 2) to foster an environment where SF State commons can participate in the commons worldwide. The Commons Initiative at SF State does not own or execute any projects. Instead, we act as a hub to connect the dots across different projects and people in the hope that the whole will indeed be greater than the sum of its parts. By using a license recommended by the Free Software Foundation, the Open Source Initiative or Creative Commons we foster an environment of participation both on campus and the rest of the world. This initiative is open to the entire SF State community. Contact us at and


Dr. Sameer Verma is Professor of Information Systems in the College of Business at San Francisco State University. His research is based on how innovations diffuse through a community and why people adopt certain innovations while ditching others. He teaches courses ranging from Management Information Systems to IT Strategy. Prof. Verma is a Free Software enthusiast - it truly enables a society to build a lasting digital commons. In his oodles of free time he organizes the One Laptop per Child San Francisco community ( All his computers run Linux. Even the one in his car!