Overview of research, projects and Culminating Experience methodologies at SFSU Computer Science Department

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 16:30
TH 331
Dragutin Petkovic (Chair Computer Science Dept, SFSU)

In this talk we will cover several topics of importance to graduate students: overview of research and project activities at SFSU Computer Science Department; overview of basic research methodolgy and culminating experience project requirements; overview of opportunities at SFSU Center for Computing for Life Sciences. After this talk graduate students will have a better idea of what is required for their culminating projects, how to write the final culminating experience report, what projects are available etc.
Selected CS faculty will also present brief descriptions of research opportunities in their areas.


Dr. Petkovic obtained his Ph.D. at UC Irvine, in the area of biomedical image processing. He spent over 15 years at IBM Almaden Research Center as a scientist and in various management roles. His contributions ranged from use of computer vision for inspection, to multimedia databases and digital libraries. He is the founder of IBM's well-known QBIC (query by image
content) project, which significantly influenced the content-based retrieval field. Dr. Petkovic received numerous IBM awards for his work and became an IEEE Fellow for leadership in the content-based retrieval area. Dr. Petkovic also managed and participated in several other projects while in IBM, among them User Ergonomics Research (involved in IBM's TrackPoint pointing device), and Foundations of Massively Parallel Computing.